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Best 5 key steps that can improve your ranking

To do this you have to follow this great step and trust me you will get a good result on your website post and page.

Best 5 key steps that can improve your ranking
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A few Key Metrics for each article on your site to focus on that could improve your rankings are:-

1. Backlink. 


What you should ask yourself first is. 

What is a backlink..? 

What do I need a backlink for..? 

How important is a backlink on my post or page.? 

 These are the question you are supposed to be asking yourself before you write an article or topic on your blog or website. 

First of all let's go-ahead to define or talk about what a backlink is and why it is important. 

So let me say that a backlink is a link created when one website links to another. Backlinks are also called "inbound links" or "incoming links." Backlinks are important to SEO. 

For example as a student and one of your notebooks let me take an English language notebook gets filled up with all the notes you have been writing and you went ahead to buy another book to join with it or gun with it. So that is how backlink works in your post or pages. 

Because when your post is not getting many views or more audience or interaction the backlink will help the post or page to boost and notify people about that particular article you just posted. Let's move to the next step. 

2. Overall traffic. 

Overall traffic
Overall traffic

What is Traffic. ? 

Traffic is visitors to your website. They are grouped into different segments, depending on how they found you. 

Get your head around the types of traffic that you'll commonly see used in online analytics: Direct traffic URL type-ins, bookmarks, or media links that are not tracked. 

So let me move our mind to traffic based on the name overall traffic. 

Overall simply means all the traffic you are having or visitor, the audience on a particular page, post, or your entire website or blog. 

3. Total Keywords. 

Total traffic
Total Traffic

About this subcategory called Total keyword, what is supposed to be in your mind is this question below. 

what are keywords? 

what are the website keywords I'm writing this post what is the keyword that I'm targeting ?. 

let us tackle this category first of all based on the word "total". 

 Total simply means "All" why do the keywords simply mean a "particular word" or "sentence" that is being used in a particular post for example if you are targeting "money-making" some heading, sentence, or paragraph has to be in line with the word you are using called making money. 

So even when people are searching it, it helps a lot and now it depends on how you structure your post that is how it will display on search engines like Google, Bing, and the rest of the search engines so that when they write "money-making" on search engine it will just pop out some website and blog or equally post what is related to that. If you are lucky enough your post may be included. 

4. Position of your target keywords. 

Targeting keywords
Targeting keywords

Based on what I said in the above step 3 category or subcategory it is depending on how you structure your post with the keyword you are using structural simply means positioning you to have to position your keyword well. 

Bonus:- Ways or were to position your keyword. 

a. Title of the post or article. 

b. Header of your post or article. 

c. Body line of your post.

These three categories should be in my next post so please visit back to read more let's move to the third step which is the internal link. 

5. Internal links. 

Internal link
Internal link

what you should be asking yourself is? 

What is an internal link? 

How can I use the internal link on my post? 

I will explain what you should know about internal links. 

Now first of all let me take you to step one that I wrote or explain about backlink. 

But before that in this backlink, we still have a subheading called. 

a. Internal link. 

b. External link. 

Now let me just say something about this category called an internal link. 

An internal link is a post link or a URL that connects to a post or link post together, which means when you are writing one post or a particular article now you have to search for that on your web page to know the article that is related to that you are writing about then put a link on that. 

Have you ever asked yourself this question why in some cases when you are reading some blog or some news in you will see something like this "recommended article" then you will now see the post title or you can see "read more"? That is what I mean by internal link or when you have a particular page you want to mention, you can input the link on it. just like in this post you are reading now, take a look very well you will see read more. 

That is what I mean. 

The reason to track these metrics is to see how it affects new and established content on your site. Make sure you are checking how each article stood in terms of these key metrics. 

I hope you enjoy this article that I share. 

Please make a comment or speak to us on our page in the footer/bottom page, and chat with us on all our social media platforms for more questions and business ideas. 

Thanks, Happy Reading.


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