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الخميس، 13 أغسطس 2020

Simple step to get your adsense verify without pin

Adsense approve now


For those who have sent several pins during this pandemic, but
are yet to receive any.
This is for you.

Adsense has made it possible for you to verify your adsense
account through a contact form.

Take These steps am going to give you here, and all the pin
frustration would be over.

1. On your adsense dashboard, click on the ?mark icon at the
header section of your dash board.

2. It will take you to a place where you would see the ask
community option, and also the contact us option. I select the
contact us option.

3. At the contact us layout you will see the first step , which is letting Adsense know what the issue is all about.

"Adsense address verification"

in the text box and click on next.

4. Select account address verification, click on next.

5. Then select email as your contact option.

6. This is most important part.
Fill the form that will appear on this page.

Here are the things you need to fill.

1.The Name as it appears on the Adsense account.

2.The Email holding Adsense account.

3. Your publisher .

4.upload Your valid government. Make sure you snapped the ID very well, and make sure there is no light reflection on the Image.
Also ensure that all the details are showing clearly.
Make sure you follow the procedures properly.
You can refer to the screenshots for clarification.
The contact us card would be available on your dashboard if you have not dismissed it.
So you can start there to quicken the process.

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  1. Hey Award6base admin ,

    Awesome and fabulous work here. You have really suggested helpful tips to get adsense verified and i truly appreciate your efforts & hard-work.

    Adsense is one of a popular & well-known advertisement placement company that allows its user to earn a good income.

    Your suggested steps are so clear and is providing better understanding as well. Following the steps will helps a lot.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge and such a helpful post.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Please note that we are open for sponsors post and guest posting. Visit our portal always
      and you can partner with us too. Or Donate to us.


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