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Thursday, July 23, 2020

8 best way to know scammer online


The circle to becoming a scammer:

1. The newbie goes to Facebook and asks "how do I make money

2. In the comment section, someone with the name of G blogger will comment "enter my DM".

3. In the DM, the person will get pictures from Google and claim
he just made $xx this month from AdSense.

4. The newbie is now interested and greed kicks in.

5. G blogger then tells him " I'll mentor you from Scratch until you
are mature. But you need to pay some fees as you will need to
pay because I'll get AdSense and other stuffs approved for you".

6. Newbie pays without escrow.

7. Newbie DMs G blogger "Helloooooooooo" x 20 and no reply.

8. Newbie gets upset and two things occur:
a. Goes to bloggers group with what happened in DM - as if it
concerns us and starts yapping about how he was scammed
(excluding his greed).
b. Patiently waits to pay back to another newbie that will ask "how
do I make money blogging?" And so, he will start from stage 2 to
stage 6.
P.S: Please start a blog with the intention to HELP the end user
first. The money USUALLY flows from there.

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