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الجمعة، 12 يونيو 2020

Best way on how to secure your domain on facebook

How to secure your Domain on Facebook.
To secure your domain, you will need to verify it to show that you own or manage the domain.

Why do we need to Verify our Domain?

We do that to protect our content. That’s why Facebook offers domain verification, a claim of domain ownership through Business Manager. Yeah! By verifying your domain, you can edit posts with links that include your domain. This verification decreases the likelihood that others will use your domain to spread misinformation.
Hope you understand?

How to Verify Your Domain with Facebook

>> Enter into your web address

>> Click on Login if you already have an account or Create an account to get started.

>> For those of you that doesn't have an account with Facebook Business, Click on Create account, and fill in your details and Click on NEXT.
Now, it will tell you to add your Business details.
Do that now. Or are you still surprised of seeing Zip code/Postal code? Lol.. Type "your state/city zip code to Google Search" E.g "Edo State zip code" only Google can help you get your city zip/postal code.
Then Click on SUBMIT after you've filled all the

>> Now, Select your Business

>> Click on Business Settings

>> Click on BRAND SAFETY and Tap on

>> Click on ADD
Proceed to ADD DOMAIN after inputting your
domain url.

>> Add a DNS TXT record to your domain host to prove that you own the domain. Most domain hosts allow this, but the specific steps for each service will vary. Drop your comment if you need help on this. I will show you the step on
how to input your DNS TXT OR if you are using Wordpress, Kindly login to your CPANEL

>> Click on FILE MANAGER >> Click on
PUBLIC_HTML and upload the HTML you downloaded to the root folder and it will be verified.
>> Assign a page to your domain
>> Save changes and you’re Done.
Source Teemikemedia

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