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السبت، 25 أبريل 2020

Things you should know before starting a Rewards Program or Income program

Things you should know before starting a Rewards Program or Income program. Many newbie bloggers often ask: “If I start a site like Giftalworld and I have 500 members and 250 posts, if each of them read 50 news per day, like how much am I going to earn?” Guess what my reply has always been; “you’re going to land yourself in debt, or get into trouble.” The concept of earning in blogging is very simple, and here is a simple summary. You put out useful content, which drives visitors to your website. The either see you share the content on social media, and they sense they need it, or they search for it, and they’re redirected to your website by the search engines. Either way, they get to your website intentionally with a motive that they “need” your content. This is the only type of traffic that can actually result in earnings. This is because their interest in your content directly translates to interest in the ads that you serve. However, when you start a website that pays visitors based on clicks and logins, visitors would come to your website on that motive. They’d just come to complete the daily assignment, and fuck off. The contents of your blog might not appeal to them. They might not be interested in that niche, they just visit, jump around, and jump off. Now, imagine I shared a blog about San Francisco dogs, which pays you $0.5 for every blog post you read, what will you do? Although, you have nothing to do with San Francisco dogs, you’d still open the website, register and bomb read their articles, isn’t it? But if you find a link to a San Francisco dogs e- commerce site, are you ever gonna click it? I already know your answer. If you still think you can make a lot of money by doing it, I’m not stopping you, but by experience and analysis, I can assure you that owners of such sites later go bankrupt, and get held up by the members.
What am saying here is that you know what you are going into.
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