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Sunday, March 15, 2020

We have many untapped niches to earn from AdSense legitimately - DeGreat Collins Nzegwu

Google adsense Award6base

Oh! Why Me again... If you haven't said this sentence during your blogging days, keep it up.
You came out to this world alone, even if you are twins, triplets,
etc, yet, you came out one after the other.
Since day one! Blogging is not easy, talk more of this contemporary time everyone believes to make it through soft work. Present-day blogging is tough and highly competitive,
that's why the active, agile and serious-minded bloggers keep moving while the weaker, quick-rich-money-makers and un-serious bloggers are kicking out of the tracks every day. Nowadays bloggers are making their ideas go premium, but only a few understand that freemium ones are running out of ideas. We are in the blogosphere where "you are on your own" unless you are willing to spend. Hey bro. Just create Blogspot, publish a few posts and apply for Adsense, you will start earning in dollars. It takes 5 seconds to said those words but believe it or not, if it's not done properly, 5 months you haven't seen the light of Adsense or earnings. If blogging is copy and paste, my friend do you think you can copy more than me? Or do you think you are the only one that has a phone or laptop that can copy-paste? Or knows where to copy highly written content? One mustn't learn the whole skills in blogging before setting up a blog but there is one that covers them all. If you can learn how to write an article and become a good content writer, other skills are a bonus. A good content writer is a good reader, and a good reader is a researcher, who learn and acquire knowledge daily. If you doubt me, check the table with a storyteller.
SEO is a bae! My fellow blogger, if you don't have any skill to sustain you as a blogger and hoping on link building, you have one obstacle and that obstacle has a name: google algorithm. One day, your building will be dismantled. We have many untapped niches and million ways to earn from AdSense legitimately, why following shortcut that cut your blogging life short?
If you push and it doesn't move, push again, change your strategies but not your goals. .
Note that this was posted online by DeGreat.
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