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Saturday, February 8, 2020

Improve your seo with this 4 ways

Improve your seo with this 4 ways

Improve your seo with this 4 ways

Read till end to under how seo and google works together to get you free traffic.
Things you need to get a good looking seo :-
1. A keyword.
2. Search volume of the keyword
3. WordPress site
4. Yoast seo plugin
When you have this things see what u need to do
1. Make sure your keyword appears on your title and also on the link.

2. make sure you keyword is evenly distributed well on your body of your post. Pls don't do keyword stuffing.

3. Add your keyword on your photo alt text.

4. And finally add the keyword on the section provided by yoast
seo plugin.

5. Share or comment if this help.

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