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Saturday, January 4, 2020

Why you should write affiliate reviews

Think about your online shopping habits. It’s
probably safe to say you rarely, if ever, make a
purchase blind, which is to say you would
generally seek out a recommendation, whether it
be from a friend or a trusted online source.
What if you could become that trusted source
while cultivating a new inflow of cash?
Researching product quality before committing to
a purchase is a no-brainer, and people are
becoming extra savvy when it comes to online
shopping these days. Why not tap into that?
Affiliate marketing is widely seen as a surefire
way to generate “passive income”. This isn’t
exactly the case. You will still have to build
relationships with affiliate brands, promote your
brand, and, in this instance, write reviews. So,
some effort is required, but it certainly isn’t rocket
science. Put a little bit of thought, time, and effort
in, and your small business or blog could be
reaping the rewards in no time.
You can begin to generate income through
product reviews by doing the following:
1. Sign up for a company’s affiliate program.
2. Write a compelling, informative review about one
of the company’s products. In this review, you
will include a special tracker link that you should
receive when you sign up. This informs the
company if someone makes a purchase via your
3. The person perusing the review is hopefully
convinced, clicks on the aforementioned link, and
makes a purchase, becoming a customer
because of your influence.
4. You receive a commission.
There are a number of benefits to writing affiliate
product reviews beyond the monetary. If you
run a blog or a small business website, writing
honest, in-depth, well-crafted reviews will help:
Maintain and grow your audience
Drive traffic to your site through the use of
specific, targeted keywords
Establish you as a trusted expert on the kind of
products you are reviewing
Not too shabby! But how do you figure out
which companies you should be partnering up
with? What kind of products should you review?
Only you can answer that. But there are a few
common-sense questions you can ask yourself
to help figure it out.
Determining which
products to review
When trying to figure out what kind of affiliate
products to review on your website, you should
consider the following:
Your interests
Your target audience
Using the product yourself
By considering these three factors you’re
essentially figuring out what your specific niche is
and what exactly fits into this niche.
Let’s say you’re starting a blog based around
your love of cooking and sharing new recipes.
Think about what your readers are going to
expect from you. Think about the kind of affiliate
partners that make sense in the context of this
blog. There are a number of directions you could
go with this.
You could team up with stores and companies
that sell or produce appliances and the latest
kitchen gadgets; food delivery services; online
cooking classes; and you could even promote
foodie events like local festivals or wine tastings.
These are things your readers will have an
interest in and would absolutely love to hear your
thoughts on.
These readers might find it strange and, even
worse, be deterred from your site entirely if you
suddenly started reviewing content marketing
software or running shoes.
When you write reviews you should be giving
your readers your honest opinion. So, if the
products you start reviewing aren’t in-line with
your established niche, how could you possibly
give a good review? If you haven’t exercised in
years, your opinion on the latest trend on
sportswear isn’t going to be of any use to you or
your readers. How can you say with authority
whether something is good or bad if you don’t
understand it?
Okay, so we’ve given you some tips on how to
choose what to review. But what about the
review itself? Where do you begin with writing a
killer review? Read on to find out just that.

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