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Friday, January 31, 2020

Must Read:- What we think Blogging was in the past years

OK let me drop this.
90% of us dived into blogging with the mentality of making quick,
fast and massive income just because we heard how much Linda
Ikeji makes to mention a few. (If you weren't in this category,
suite yourself ). We all thought the amount of data we spend
on a site converts to money for the blogger. (lol, this was silly).
Not until we dived into the game and experienced something
totally different. Many of us created our blogs and started waiting
for traffic. Oops nothing was coming forth .
The burning spirit to make the money was still there (Get rich
quick scheme). We moved to facebook, started dropping our URL
everywhere just to get clicks but still yielded little or nothing .
Okay we moved on to Adsense, some got approved some didn't.
Those that got approved couldn't make one dollar / Euro in a
month. Then our eyes started opening (Blogging is hard o ).
We kept sharing link on facebook till our URL got blocked. (Double
Wahala ). Traffic became 0 -10 daily. Adsense just displaying,
no money coming in. At this point, some of us folded up and
called blogging scam while some encountered some FB SEO
expert .
We paid and saw no result. Enough of the story let me hit the nail
on the head.
Before you dive into a business (Blogging is more like a business if
you don't know), make sure you really know what you are about
to do before starting. Learn first!!!! (That's why people say practice
on blogspot)
Else you'll waste your time and money. There is no get rich quick
scheme. No shortcut to success for every shortcut will definitely
cut you short!
Now after learning please get an offline job. This is something that
requires investment. You need to feed your blog well to see good
results (won't be immediately). You don't open a shop with 5k
and expect 100k monthly profit ( , not on planet earth
except you do juju). The way it's hard to earn offline so is it online
if not harder.
Stop looking for free, free, free all the time. Somethings just need
to be bought. That's why you need an offline job to support
yourself while your blog is still growing.
Another thing, before employing someone to work on your blog.
Know one or two things about what he or she is about to do so
as to monitor.
Associate with more experienced guys in the field. It's easier to
follow an already created part that create one by yourself. There
are some tips you just can't find on Google or YouTube. (Quote
me anywhere)
Learn how to put on the table. Stop eating and eating all the time.
Pray, this is important also as you are not the only one in the
Be smart!!! It's no more about I'm an expert bla bla bla. You have
to work smart not just work hard. You might work hard and see
I have lots more but I'll stop here

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