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Monday, January 6, 2020

6 things you might have missed from Google Cloud last year

What was new with Google Cloud in 2018?
Well, it depends on what particular cloud
technology you’re interested in. There was
plenty of news on the AI and machine
learning front, along with developments on a
variety of enterprise cloud components. The
open cloud community continued to be a
thriving place to collaborate, and Google
Cloud user productivity and efficiency grew,
These popular stories from last year illustrate
some of what you can do with Google Cloud
1. Machine and deep learning made
leaps. On the hardware front, special
chips designed for high performance,
called Cloud TPUs, are now broadly
available to speed up machine learning
tasks. And we partnered with NASA’s
Frontier Development Lab to use ML to
build simulations and algorithms to
answer one big question: Is there life on
other planets?
2. Organizations are starting to extract
more value from their data. Tools like
BigQuery and the Ethereum digital
currency dataset, which we recently
made available to everyone, help
businesses find insights from their data.
And The New York Times is digitizing its
huge photo archive, along with all its
associated data, using Google Cloud
storage and database technology.
3. There’s a new way to keep your
information secure. The Titan Security
Key arrived in the Google Store in 2018.
Use these security keys to add two-
factor verification to your Google
Accounts and other services. They’re
designed to defend against attacks like
phishing that steal user credentials.
4. The cloud opened the door to
creating all kinds of applications and
projects. For game developers, the
OpenMatch open source project cuts
down on development time for building
multiplayer games with its matchmaking
framework. And a novelist is using the
new Cloud Speech-to-Text API to add
visuals to poetry readings.
5. Productivity gains with cloud came
in all shapes and sizes. Check out the
new developer hub for G Suite,
providing lots of pro tips for developers
to create, manage, and track their
projects, including this tip on
automatically adding a schedule from
Google Sheets into Calendar .
6. You can build on Google Cloud
Platform (GCP) even more easily. A
new type of containers called gVisor
arrived to give developers more options
when building applications. Plus, we
brought the infrastructure that powers
Google Search to developers with Cloud
Source Repositories for easier code
search. And the Cloud Services Platform
arrived in 2018—this integrated family of
cloud services lets you build an end-to-
end cloud while removing manual tasks
from the daily workload.
For even more of what was popular last year
in Google Cloud, take a look at the top Google
Cloud Platform stories of 2018. And if one of
your goals this year is to start using cloud
more, mark your calendar to attend Google
Cloud Next ’19.

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