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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Do not kill your self because of Christmas - Ologunde Paul

Paul Oseyemi.
Take a look at the below tips to note down.....
(1). Money :- Do not cry or kill someone, just because you dont
have money.
(2). Cloth :- Yes You,
You i am talking to you,
Yes You reading this.
Do not be angry and crying of new cloth, wash the old ones you
have and iron it wella, because nobody will fight you if you did
not buy new ones.
(3). FOOD :- Why do you want to kill your self just because you
heard that some people are eating Rice and Chiken.
You can't be like them my brother and sister, my dear if you dont
have rice just eat what you have e.g Eba, Garri and Groundnut.
Nobody will come and check your Tummy weather you really ate
Chiken, just put toothpick in your mouth and display to people
that you are happy of what you have. You should know that
haters will still try to be angry with you, them not knowing what
you ate.
(4). GIRLS/LADIES :- Just be your self, your Boyfriends can't give
you all what you need in this Christmas.
TAKE NOTE :- This is not your birthday keepcalm and let Jesus
celebrate his birthday the way he want it to be. You are not the
one celebrating it for him.

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