Friday, 24 May 2019

News Poem Title "My Own Mother" By A Poet Joshua A. Ologunde

This New Peom Was Upload on his wall saying that he dedicated this peom Title "My Own Mother." to his lovely mother and all mum around the world so scroll down to read His lovely word

This is my Mother, my only Mother
Nothing is as beautiful as having a good Mother
She love you anyway & anyhow
When the world sees the wrong in any child, a true mother sees a child who'll change as a result of her prayers
Jesus mother, Mary. Even when many hated Jesus Christ, Mary loved him till the minutes of His death.
Oh Mother! My Mother, the joy of womanhood
This is my own Mother! am proud to be her child.
She's love, She's peace, She's a true wife of my late father.
She stood by my Dad till he left us
This is what I call, a good woman.
When I meet ladies who want to marry a future billionaire like me; I quietly look at some of them & run.
My Mother is my mother
If you love my mother, I'll love you
If you hate my mother, her sacrifice of womanhood will fight you.
This is the extent of my love for my mother.
She's my mother. My only Mother.
You'll live long. You'll enjoy your labour of love.
This is my Mother, My only Mother.
I honor you Mummy, today, and forever.
You'll live long by the mighty power of the Holy Ghost.

So Drop your comment if you really love yours

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