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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Things you should know before applying for Nigeria Millitary

award6baseOkay, so I’ve been planning on writing this for a long time; but I’vjust had to kick my head out of my ass to post this.
This is probably gonna be the last meaningful post from me for a while, so for all intending cadets – clean your eyes and listen to me. And please note that whatever I post here is my own personal view and opinion as well as experience – which means u’re responsible for how you understand or interpret it, as it is for infotainment purpose ONLY.
………finally, it’s gonna be a little bit lengthy, so if you’re a lazy reader like me, just close this page, bcoz it’s gonna be pretty booooring.
I don’t even know where to start from………………okay,now lets begin with the
This smoke exam is the first stage of separating the wheat from the chaff (Oww….sounds awful), and usually, not more than 5% are selected (I said selected, not pass). The goodnews is that unlike JAMB you don’t have to bother about ur NDAEE score as only the BEST 50 are selected from each state. If u don’t make it, doesn’t mean you’re dull, but it means u’re villagemen stepped up their game real good.
However, as of 68RC (my course), they didn’t just select the best 50 straight up, rather it was segmented and stratified according to the faculties in the ratio of 15:10:5:20 for Arts/Social Sciences, Engineering, Military Sciences and Sciences respectively. The implication is that you might be a very smart/intelligent/brilliant Engineering applicant from your state, in fact you might be the 11th person with the highest IQ; but on how u don’t make the top 10 of Engineering applicants, you wont be shortlisted……..while a not-so-smart dimwit who applied to Arts or Sciences might be shortlisted. This is because of the quota allotted to each faculty.
You can see that in the NDAEE you greatest enemy is your fellow faculty-mate from the same state. If I were you, I will pray that they are all dumb-asses. Just kidding!
On the exam day, help yourself and follow all instructions religiously, go with all necessary credentials, right size of photograph, HB pencil etc. Manage, patch, langa and pass the exam.
So you’ve passed the NDAEE and ur name is among the top 20, 15, 10 or 5 from each faculty in ur state – congratulations! Now you’ll be feeling like you’ve done what Napoleon didn’t do; don’t worry……that is just the beginning. You’re still closer to zero than infinity.
The screening/selection process is quite comprehensive and elaborate, almost 50% of the shortlisted applicants will go home – mostly from the credentials and medical screening. Better beg all ur village witches to allow you.
When the non-essentials have been sieved out, then comes the main competition between you and ur fellow villagemen – help yourself and distinguish yourself either intellectually,physically or otherwise; but if you’re so dull that you cant stand out………….then pray that all ur other fellow faculty mates from your state die before facing the Selection Board (Don’t say I’m the one that told you).
For specific details about the AFSB, refer to an earlier post on the comprehensive post on the AFSB……….dont tell me you cant find it.
And please, when going to NDA old site for the screening, go with cash…lots of it. The AFSB is the sweetest and easiest part of the NDA story……….you wont understand.
Wow, now that you’ve made the final list as a selected or reserved cadet, you’re happy beyond measure…………and prior to resumption you’ve started wearing camou shorts or face-cap, using fake dog-tags as well as camou wallet. Issorait! I understand you’re very happy and having too much joy, but don’t be carried away – it is the beginning of your problems.You, on your own, you will regret the day you used your own money to buy NDA form. Some of you will dash (cowardice and run), some will die (no bad wishes), many with broken legs, and hands.
This quote below is what they told us before our resumption, I thought it was smoke:
[i]N0 matter what language used, Cadet Okedi is right. Saturday is d begining of 0ur pr0blems. We've s0ld 0ur freed0m,relaxati0n,luxury life, even 2 sleep, eat or 2 drink even water will n0 l0nger b 0ur right but a privilege. We'll f0rget h0w 2 smile & laugh. Even basketm0uth's j0ke w0nt make us grin let al0ne smile. We're g0ing 2 have our butts kicked,have our heads gr0und. We're g0ing 2 hunch,hang,nackpushups,f0rwardr0le & pin heads.We're g0ing 2 embrace different kinds of beating & drilling. Insults & bad w0rds. Our new names'll be bastard,barga,etc we'll even prefer being called cl0wns. We're g0ing 2 feel malice bt it's regimentation.We'll feel like we're in hell.D h0t sun will change 0ur c0mplexi0n.We'll gr0w dark,thin.Br0ken b0dies & br0ken b0nes all 0ver. Shifted waists & disl0cated j0ints. Many of us'll regret dey ever applied 4 d 1st


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