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The 3 Kinds of Keywords That You Should Never Choose for SEO

The 3 Kinds of Keywords That You Should Never Choose for SEO

The 3 Kinds of Keywords That You Should Never Choose for SEO
1The ones that don’t sound like a naturally occurring English
The prevailing rule here is that, unlike in PPC, SEO keywords will
ultimately need to be integrated into page copy, and page copy
will always need to sound natural. Therefore, you don’t want to
choose keywords that it would be difficult to construct copy
“Cookies oatmeal” has some search volume — chances are, you
yourself have entered backwards queries like it before — but
it would be a disastrous choice to optimize for because of how
tortured any phrase built around it would have to appear. Your
keywords need to “disappear” into your page copy, so don’t set
yourself up for certain failure this early in the game.
2.The ones that sound like adspeak.
This is another rule that is much more about the principles of
good copywriting than about SEO
per se: the copy that you write describing your product or service
will sound like used car salesman
chatter if you optimize it for keywords including touts like “best”
or desperate pleas like “for sale”.
As with the above example, people do indeed search that way,
but the copy will suffer if you play to
those search queries explicitly. Keep your keywords purely
3. The ones that mention a competing brand by name.
Another common practice in PPC is to bid on competitors’ names
for impressions, and this too will
not fly in SEO. The only way in which you could reasonably
mention a competing brand in your page
copy is pejoratively, and that kind of ill will only puts people off.
Keep it classy.

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