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Learn More On Blogging And Check Out Some Mistakes

Learn More On Blogging And Check Out Some Mistakes

A good friend asked, (Kennedy, what are the challenges that new
bloggers might likely face and get discouraged?). He asked
because he wanted to start blogging and he never wanted to
make some expensive mistakes like we did in the past.
There are many blogging mistakes which i can't list all but below
are the fatal ones that are more likely to pull your legs when
roughly handled.
I won't write Much about them but am sure with the little light
here, you will understand better.
=>CHOOSING THE WRONG NICHE: This is the first and a very
dangerous mistake that most new bloggers do make.
Choosing the Wrong Blogging niche is like Studying Mathematics
instead of your usual course (farming). Am sure you understand
the stress you will pass through in the high school and still get
very poor performance because it's not your field.
Don't blog about what others blog, but blog about that which u
know well about. You are more likely to do better in niches related
to your areas of expertise. Do niche Research before you start
blogging.(google is your friend).
blogger to WordPress and from WordPress to blogger. They are
both responsible hosts but at least read more about them to know
the similarities and differences so you won't choose the wrong
platform that might not favour your niche.
Choose any host based on your budget and based on the features
you may want on your blog. e.g If you want to integrate online
store then you don't need blogspot instead u go for WordPress .
just like that.
=>WRITING CAN BE TASKING: As a new blogger, always know
you can never do the best when it comes to writing blog posts,
Just write the way you can and as you keep doing it daily, you will
see the improvement and before you know it, Boom you're a
professional writer.
If you must be a blogger that earn, then you should build a
writing attitude. If will always be difficult at first but easy as soon
as practiced. (don't quote me wrong- Anybody can earn online
even without writing. It all depends on what you do and the
strategies you explore).
=>TRAFFIC AND FOLLOWERS: This is another bigger challenge
new bloggers do face. They aren't facing this because it's too
difficult but because it requires Lot's of understand which you can
only get from studying practicing and reading daily.
But the reason why many fails at the junction is as a result of
laziness. There are too many things to learn when it comes to
getting traffic to your website. You don't have to be lazy if you
must make it out to success. You must be a good learner. put to
practice what ever relevant info you've got.
Do more reading: On how to get traffic to your website than how
to make money from your website.
=>NOT FREE BUT CHEAP; Blogging isn't free but it's cheap and
affordable. There's no way you can start blogging that will make
money without spending a dime unless you're ready to do the
whole work. But even when you're ready, you won't known how
to do all.
Don't be too stingy to spend as a new blogger. If you want your
blog to start paying you before you start spending then you
might end up as nothing. (Be ready to spend as a new blogger).
Spend to learn, spend to hire , spend to buy.
=>MONEY WILL COME BUT NOT TOO SOON: Don't start blogging
because you want to get money to pay your school fees, House
rent, or other bills. You might not make it out successful.
Blogging is not a get rich scheme like man do think. It's a gradual
process which involves lots of work and experience. Starting a
blog to pay your bill is a wrong plan as it might not pay you as
=>GET A GOAL: In Few years from now how would you want
your blog to look like? Don't blog blind but blog while you chase
your goals. If only you can do so, you will be more serious
because you know your aim.
In few months from now, i would want my Alexa ranking to go
below bla bla bla, I would want to be getting bla bla bla visitors
and so so so subscribers on my email list. (Work towards your
=>ADSENSE IS A KILLER: I won't write about this but am sure
from the headline you know what i mean. I have too many notes
about this but let me cut it shut using my headline above.
=>BE ENCOURAGED: Blogging is one of the most difficult online
business (when it comes to making money online) It's not for lazy
Even when u face the tough aspect of blogging, always
remember that self encouragement can go a long way. (always
tell yourself, i must archive my goals).
To sum it all, They are Not Your Mate: Don't get lost let me explain
Some new bloggers are too aiming high with less labour. and it's
one factor that has made many to fall. STop comparing Kennedy
Prosper monthly income with yours when you have done very
little work. instead compare your work with his own. Good Luck:

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