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الجمعة، 26 أبريل 2019

I would have being scam today Nigeria blogger cryed out - Award6base

Thanks, so much admin for granting the request.
I also thank Engr Wizy for bringing this to my notice and Mr Resh Precious for coming to my defence.
This is exactly what happened:
I found him on Facebook where he advertised that he sells access to KWfinder. I sent him $20 instantly even after complaining that the price was a bit on the high side.
Immediately after I paid, he started telling stories on how he's not at home and why I should wait. He kept posting me for like 12 hours.
He then claimed that he had sent me an email, which I never saw, not even in spam. I told him to resend. We pulled on that for another 2 hours or so. Then he finally sent me a cookie code. I was shocked. What I was expecting was a username and password to access the tool I paid for (I bought ahrefs login from a guy last month and I got username and password - nothing complex at all).
I managed to find a guide on how to import cookies into Chrome browser. I then tried his nonsense code. It didn't work!
When I told him, he apologized. Then he changed goalpost by asking me to grant him remote access to my PC, which I did. He taught me how to access Kwfinder through a remote desktop. I did that on my own immediately and I noticed that he doesn't have a paid account with Kwfinder. The feedback was requesting for an upgrade. Yet, this fool was still telling me to wait for some hours so it will update to paid version automatically. That was when I knew I was being taken for a fool. I quickly sent a refund request to PayPal.
He told me to remove the dispute. I said I would remove it only on the condition that I could access the tool I paid for.
This morning, the fool sent me a message telling me that the tool is fine now. I logged in, and to my surprise, the username and password fields which were automatically filled up yesterday after he taught me were blank this morning. I just couldn't take it anymore. And I told him I'm no longer interested and that I would continue to press for the refund.
Immediately I said that, the fool went beserk, calling me scammer and all sorts of names. And he suddenly started accusing me of stealing his KWfinder and other tools. I was like, how could I have stolen what you didn't give me access to in the first place?
When his insults were getting too much, I had to block him.
He escalated the issue to PayPal and after reviewing the issue, PayPal refunded me immediately. I guess that's why the embittered soul decided to malign me on this group.
Whoever thinks Nigerians are the worst scammers online has probably not met Indians, Pakistanis, and Bangladeshis.

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