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الجمعة، 19 أبريل 2019

I am a widow with 3 sons no daughters, this is my life stories

I am 55 years old. I happened to join this women group on my
own. I am a widow with 3 sons no daughters. I have always long
for daughters. My sons always told me their wives will be my
daughters. I married young so my first son John is 34 years old.
The 2nd one is 32 years while the youngest is 29 years of age. My
late husband their father married another after me I never argued
with their father. I lost their father to death when their step
mother, my 2nd sleeps out any time our husband traveled. I am a
born again Christian so when I am inform about my mate life
style I do not report to anyone but I advised her, she also refused
to obey me as the first wife. When is her turn to cook and sleep
with our husband she goes to his room as if nothing is
happening. My husband got a strange illness and died. It was
discovered that her flirting killed our husband. Now my 3 sons got
married as their father always wanted. I accepted the 3 wives they
brought without interfering on their decision. The first son's wife is
very good,always come and carry me to her house untill I get
well when I am sick. The last one Irene most times, send her 2
kids to stay with me until she closes from work. She was the one
who opened a super market for me, so that I can be busy with
my life. She was also the one who gave me this phone I am using
for my Facebook that my first son opened for me since 2015. My
problem now is my 2nd son's wife. OB is the very headache that I
am facing in my peaceful family. My 2nd son is the richest among
his brothers. He sells spare parts and sometimes travel abroad to
buy cars to sell. Anytime he wants to travel he come and ask me
to come to stay with his wife as she is the one that has 3 triplets
who are 3 years old. Sometimes I will lock up my store for a
week or 2 depending when he will return. I noticed that, is only
when my son traveled that my daughter in law, my son's wife
visit Mr. Marcus their neighbor. I was told by my son that man
drove his wife, when the wife was find naked with another man's
house. When I noticed this kind of behavior from my son's wife
always going to see this divorcee I called her as a daughter not to
go there again because my son, will not like it if I tell him. And I do
not want to cause problems for them. He has warned her not to
go there when he caught her sending food to him one time he fell
from the tree inside the estate that they all live. She doesn't obey
me. She will tell me " mummy is not what U think" I go there for
one reason or the other. Now for a month now my son traveled
to UK. I was not able to go and stay with her, as I was sick. Last
weekend I visited without calling her as I just wanted to see my
grand children and I was told she is on leave but one of her sister
came to spend time with her. Immediately I got to their building, I
noticed the kids were outside playing with her sister, I asked her
where is my daughter she used her own mouth to tell me, she is
inside with her neighbor since about 4 hours ago and told her to
tell anyone that come she is not home. I told her sister, she called
me to bring money for her now now. So she told me to take the
back door from the kitchen. I did that. I entered the house no
sound of anyone. I went into the room I normally sleep when I
come no one was there. No sound at all. I knocked on her door
no sound. I opened it, as it was not locked only to see her sucking
the neighbors penis while on top of him putting her own private
part on him to suck. In my son's bed. I video the scene b4 I called
her name. She jumped down and started begging me not to tell
my son her husband. My son is arriving tomorrow from Uk. I
can not sleep or tell his brothers what I saw. What should I do in
this situation. My son's family forbids wife's firlting. It was firlting
of my mate that kills his father. I am a good mother in law, but I
can't keep this and lose my son who is everything to me. How
can I stop him from eating and sleeping with his wife, without be
seen as another bad mother in law...Confused at 55!

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