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الجمعة، 26 أبريل 2019

DEPOT What happen in kaduna final interview

Once again congratulationsto those who have seen their names as they escape the first state of selection and now its the final and though. To those who have not seen their names never give up infact its not over whether you see your name or not because its not the final list as other will have to be screen out again. Remember your goal is to be Airmanor woman you see ur name or you didn't see your name its not yet over as there is going to be another list.
1. On arrival you sit according to your state and they call names for attendance.
2. Your blood sample will be taken to determine your blood group,genotype,HIV and other sickness that may not let you survive training.
3. Your blood pressure will be measured to detect those with hight blood pressure.
4. Your urinate sample will be taken for tests in the lab. Tips if you go there whatever the colour of your urinate just take some made the mistake of adding water you may be screen out for doing that.
5. NAF dentist will exam the fittness of your teeth.
6. Eyes test this is where some of you will be declared blind with your own eyes i am just kidding you guys but you be ask to read small or very tiny writing with one eyes close you do with both eyew and color eyes test will also be conducted.
7. Chest X Ray will be conducted.
8. Stomarch scanning will be conducted.
9. Your hight will be measured again.
10. Physical exam will be conducted i.e naked body check.
11. Psychological exam to test your brain and arrive at whether you are sound or mad decision.
12. Essay writing exam is also conducted i remember during our time they ask us to write in just one page on "my first day at secondary school"
13. Running 3.5 km in 18 minutes four boxes are normally created those that arrive at 15 minutes first box , 18 minutes second box, 20 minutes third box and finall fourth box above 20 minutes. Anyone in the 4th box will go home that same day.
14. Those who apply as trade wo/men will have to be interviewed base on the certicate they presented at AFIT.....i remember during our time one applicant with driving trade asked to drive backward a DAF.FACING BOARD;
15. Finally stage is facing board which is a small network of officers including generals to ask you direct quetions and collect your credentials also they measured your hight there. E.g of questions ask are: why do you want join NAF ? Recite the national Anthem,those with ND or NCE they ask questions on their project topics ,so many funny questions but if you fail you may go home because there they are testing your intelligence. Those who lies for their age will be expose there.
15. Snap passports and copy all your credentials.
16. Take as much money as you can for your own personal consumption.
If you have any issue or questions you can ask me!
I will advice you guys to start running 5 or 10 km from now.

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