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Friday, April 19, 2019

15 Things you will do to your boyfriend that he loves but will not tell you to (Ladies Only)

TELL YOU TO (Ladies Only)..
1. Hold his hands anytime u are with him
2. Try putting your fingers into the middle of
his own fingers.
3. Kiss him unexpectedly both on the lips
and on the forehead.
4. Hug him and say hi.... Anytime you u see
5. Anytime he wants to see u never tell him u
re busy... Try showing up
6. Anytime u are with him alone try sitting
between his legs
7. Always romance or touch his chest
anytime u are alone with him
8. Always tell him you love him even before
he do tell u
9. Always play with him romantically and
10. Anytime he's talking or joking, never tell
him dat he's talking nonsense or never tell
him dat he's insulting u
11. Sometimes u don't wait for him to tell u
he wanna see u, try telling him always dat u
really miss him and u want to see him
12. Never allow ur hands to remove his
hands anytime he's touching or romancing
any part of your body... Instead be
romancing him as well..
13. Always call him on the phone at least
twice a day, never complain about airtime...
Call him always to know hw he's doing
14. Anytime he's complaining about hunger
or lack of anything, try to help him out with
ur own money or food or any other thing
15. Love him with all your HEART. ....
If My Girlfriend Can Do All This For me Always, i swear ,Kill me if i
cheat on you

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