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الأربعاء، 6 مارس 2019

Why you can't get admission as a jambite student

Here they are
1. Those with high Jamb score:
Many persons who score high in Jamb
have the belief that their admission is sure .
However, this is not the case. You could
score very high and still fail to gain
No matter how high your Jamb score may
be, there are many other persons who got
higher scores. Also, your Jamb score may
not even be high enough for your course.
E.g 265 Jamb score is not sufficient for
Medicine (Unless you score extremely high
in Post utme)
In 2017 admission, many persons who
scored very high in Jamb failed to secure
admission because they performed poorly
in Post Utme.
Irrespectively of your Jamb score, you still
need to work hard so as to meet other
Jamb and school requirements.
2. Those Who Think Their Jamb Score Is
So many persons who scored below 200
in Jamb conclude that Jamb will not give
them admission. You can actually gain
admission with a Jamb score above 150.
The only thing you need is the “how to
With low Jamb 2019/2020 score, you could
simply change your institution and course
of choice to less competitive ones
3. Those With Low Jamb Score:
Jamb 2019 Score of 100 may not be
enough to secure admission into any top
University or Polytechnic in Nigeria.
Anyways, that’s not the end of life. You
could quickly give IJMB Program a try.
Another program that guarantees your
admission directly into 200 level is the
Jupeb program. It is expensive but worth it.
4. Those Who Think They Know It All:
These Type of University aspirants never
take instructions. They think that they know
it all. No Matter how you paint it,
information is power. Be ready to learn and
get all necessary updates as regards
admission 2019.
Don’t fail to visit flashlearners daily for
rhema. I am here to help you back to back.
5. Those Who Listen To Everything:
These set of aspirants do not have a word
of their own. All they say is, “I heard that….
“. They do not bother to hear and learn
what works so long admission is
Always strive to get first hand information
about Jamb so that you can be at the right
position. Information is Power!
6. Those Who Believe That Connection
Settles Everything:
Admission in Nigeria is all about
connection. This is the language of many
admission seekers. They believe that with
connection, they are good to go.
You can gain admission by connection, but
connection fails most time. It has failed
thousands of people. But with a little more
effort and the University admission will fall
on you.
7. Those with wrong subject combination
during jamb registration. Many people
make the mistake of wrong subject
combination during jamb registration, eg.
You want to study computer science and
you put English Maths, Chemistry, but
because you’re afraid of Physics, you now
went and put Biology or any other subject
you think is good for you, it can affect
your a
8. The Desperate Admission Seekers:
These persons are so desperate to gain
admission with their low Jamb score that
they fall into the hands of scammers and
internet fraudsters. Fraudsters are not to
help you but to exploit you.
Be careful whenever someone tells you to
send money to him online for admission
purposes. Do you still remember what
happened to those who did fake Jamb
registration? Many persons did fake Jamb
registering in 2019. Be warned dear, be
prayerful, with God all things are possible

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