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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

What you need to know before you become or call yourself a blogger

Welcome to today blogging tutorials.
I posted yesterday that I will be talking about the
basics of blogging which will cover:
Talking about basics of blogging, this will be a
guide to beginners before jumping into the field.
So let get started ( I will try my best to keep it
short) you can ask your question in the comment
Talking about WHAT, you should know what
you are going into, know what it takes to be a
blogger, you should have the zeal in you.
You can't make money from blogging in 1 month
unless you have other service you render online.
The word WHAT comprises of sacrifice and
commitment. So. If you want to start a blog for
the sole purpose of making at first please take it
off what you need is focus and read blogs.
when to start a blog? When to monetize (this is
another topic for another day) let just face the
fact, if you don't learn from other blogs of Fitch
out necessary tutorials it means you are are not
fully ready if you have the passion, WHEN to start
a blog won't be a problem.
Before starting a blog you need to know the topic
which you are good at writing (there is nothing
like unique content) copy paste won't help so you
niche to master your niche to avoid difficulties.
There WHERE varies, where to Publish your blog
or what blogging platforms will be best for you?
I will you the 2 well know platforms for example
BLOGGER: is a platform owned by google (you
can start a free blog to help you master your
ability) for free most bloggers once used this
platform before moving to WordPress (even
me). Start with a free custom domain, put your
best into it like its going to be your last ( I use to
be a midnight blogger back then using my family
member data but I still face the insult but now
they always encourage me to carry on) and if
you like it there (on blogger) you can get a paid
domain and redirect it (no hosting fee is required
and it won't affect your rankings)
WORDPRESS: is of 2 di
WORDPRESS: is of 2 division the .com and .org,
the .com version provide you with free hosting
with .WordPress .com extension attached to
your domain (just like that of blogger) and you
are limited to some premium features where you
have to pay before using them
The .org version let's you host your site on
external host where you have total control of
everything that happens on your blog (his
depends on your budget) but if you don't have
much to invest you can go with the .com version
of WordPress which you can still move later in
futer if you have enough to purchase hosting.
So blogger or WordPress?
It up to you, you can try both platforms to see
their difference,
Blogger is goodand WordPress is better, but, it
depends on your niche as you can't compare
technology to entertainment or music.
How will you know if you are ready? You must
have been following posts here in this group
most of us learn a lot from questions and the
kind of posts we see here, I believe some of
those posts motivates many newbies to start
something even if you they have little knowledge.
HOW to start a Blog?
If anyone have this tutorial on their blog you can
drop the link. Or use google or YouTube to watch
video tutorials. Back then I only know how to
publish blog tittle alone #lol.
Minimum word count for a blog post is 300 but if
you see it as a stressful stuff try as much as
possible to write 100 words, do rasearc on the
topic you're writing about, with what you are
able to gatherfrom your research, you should be
able to write more 200+ words.
Please leave your question If there is any I will try
my best to answer and please forgive me if there
is any typo error.
Tomorrow is will be talking about GETTING

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