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The change that really happen on Facebook that you dont know - Award6base

Welcome to Award6base Media.
Here we have heard so many issue online and life. People complaining about facebook so we the team of Award6base write to the world to alert them about what is truly happen to facebook, some weeks ago we saw some profile picture problem, which have being solve now even group showing 99 and Message showing 50 when their is no message. So this is what we feel that is happen now,
1. They are trying to add some design.
2. They are trying to backup their Website because more user have register.
3. Upgrading their serve.
Now even yesterday, people have some result of a server configuration change, many people had trouble accessing our apps and services. Facebook now send messege and said We've now resolved the issues
and our systems are recovering. The are now very sorry
for the inconvenience and appreciate everyone’s
patience.. Thanks Please Subcribe

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