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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Some fact you should know before marriage - Award6baseTv


Many light years ago, there was a city on a hill called Light City. It was a very big town. That was where men lived. Because their city was on a hill, they were used to uphill tasks, therefore their bodies were strongly built. They had fun and enjoyed a lot of activities thinking that they were the only people around.
One major characteristic of the Lightians was that they were solution oriented. They were wired to fix things when they got broken. This is because light is a solution. In Genesis 1:2, when God saw that there was a problem with the creation, the first thing He called for was light. Thus Lightians were problem solvers.
Because they were problem solvers, they delighted in competition . So they had a lot of games and competitive tasks. In Light City, they believed in achievements and they ticked the score after achieving their goals. Life in Light City revolved around projects and tasks. They had very little time for pity party, interactions, sympathy and empathy. Their popular slogans were ‘well fix it if its broken', 'you made the bed, lie on it', etc.
Because of their tendency to solve problems, they had speed . You had to finish one project quickly and move on to the next. Thus we got the phrase ‘the speed of light’. This attribute of theirs made them ignore details. They were generally not meticulous and were satisfied when the generalities were okay.
Another thing is that Lightians were wired to lead the way and teach. You know Light shines and shows the way . Also light stands for knowledge. Therefore all Lightians have an instinct to teach and not to be taught. They hate it when they are being led or taught. So sometimes even if they are wrong, they find it difficult to admit it.
In Light City love is expressed by providing solution. Therefore if a Lightian provides shelter, transport, food, clothing and the like, it is a great achievement in Light City.
Some where on another part of the universe was a city called Salt City. It was founded by the seaside and was very beautiful in appearance. That was where women lived. Because they were close to the sea, they appreciated nature and beauty. Also they were always bonding together to generate warmth because it was cold in Salt City.
Life in Salt City can best be summarized by one word. Bonding . They enjoyed bonding because of the cold. Therefore in Salt City, relationships are very sacred and important.
Life in Salt City was more easy going, full of merry making, laughter, giggling, hugs, tears and conversation. They enjoyed sitting down just to converse. Something that is considered idleness and time wasting in Light City.
People in Salt City are gifted with the art of speaking . Because they loved to converse, they have been wired to listen too and they become fulfilled when they are listened to.
Saltians are not as aggressive as Lightians. Saltians don’t enjoy competition. They don’t want anybody to feel sad or defeated because bonding is very important to them.
They were not interested in solutions as much as they were in sympathy and empathy.
Love in Salt City was spelt T-I-M-E. You scored more points in sombody’s heart if you had time for the person. T-I-M-E meant taking time to listen, taking the time to stop and admire, taking the time to remember things which were important to the other. Birthdays and anniversary dates and other commemorative days were special days in which Saltians reveled.
One other characteristic of Salt City was their ability to preserve . Salt is a preservative therefore Saltians are good at keeping things. Because of this they tended to be fond of habouring hurts and wrongs done to them. They were also very good at saving because of their ability to preserve.
One time, a group of Lightians looked into a telescope and spotted Salt city from afar. When they saw the inhabitants, they felt an attraction. Because of the nice feelings of attraction they had by watching them, watching them became a daily delight. They would steal time to go and watch Salt City. Even though they didn’t really like the apparent slow paced life of the Saltians, they just couldn’t resist the desire for their company .
Before long the group found their way to Salt City. What a hilarious moment it was. The Lightians were very excited and saw Salt city as another ‘good project’ to attend to. The Saltians were also very excited about the Lightians but didn’t show it outwardly . However, anytime the Lightians would visit and leave, they would quickly gather in groups to talk about them amidst giggling and sharing of tit bits.
After sometime, Lightians and Saltians in general fell in love with each other and decided to marry.
They chose a neutral ground as their place of habitation. That neutral ground was called planet earth.
When the Lightians and Saltians got married and moved to planet earth, they quickly forgot about where they came from . Before long, they became frustrated with each other and wanted a way out.
One of the things which really frustrated them was their understanding of the word love. The Lightians wanted to do everything to please the Saltians so they decided to love them according to the Lightian definition of love; providing solution, that is, shelter, food, transport, etc. because of this, the Lightians worked even harder to be able to provide these things.
To their utter shock the Saltians didn’t even look at these things and were still complaining about the Lightians lack of love and understanding. The Lightians saw the Saltians as too demanding and difficult to satisfy. The Saltians also saw the Lightians as too distant and withdrawn, not having time for them. This really led to frustration. They began to regret for coming together.
Many Lightians started hanging out with other Lightians. Many Saltians also found Saltian groups and abandoned themselves into them. At least there, they would meet other Saltians who will listen to them and sympathize with them.
By and by divorce suddenly became an option.
Marriage was seen as a prison rather than the paradise it once appeared to be.
Morale : To be able to live in peace with each other, we must never forget that we came from two opposite cities.

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