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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Make Money Online from Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate Marketing
Business is the easiest
online business you can
do. Basically to make
money on the Internet,
you need a product or
service, a website for that
product or service, a way
to collect payments on the
Internet and a way to ship
the orders placed.
These days, people do not
have the time or
knowledge to come up
with a product or service
and to manage it from
concept to fulfillment yet
want to earn money
easily. That's where
Affiliate Marketing
Business comes in. Affiliate
Marketing Business is
where you market some
else's product or service (a
merchant) on the Internet
and you earn a
commission which is
percentage of the selling
price of the product or
service you are marketing.
You can make money in 2
ways as an affiliate either
when someone makes a
purchase with the
merchant through you,
you earn per sale, or when
someone sign ups to get
more information from
the merchant's website
through you, you earn per
Generally, the percentage
amount of money you can
earn as an affiliate is often
within the range of
5%-75% of the selling
price of the item, however,
these variables depends
on the merchant. As an
affiliate, you do not need
to physically stock any of
the merchant's products,
nor worry how to receive
online payments, nor how
to ship the product to the
recipient when an order is
placed, all that is taken
care of by the merchant,
but all you have to do as
an affiliate is to promote
the merchants product or
service through a unique
url (or website address)
which will be given to
you.. Now what do I mean
by the unique url which is
given to you? To explain
that I would first need to
explain how to sign up to
be an Affiliate to a
merchant. all what i am
saying here have already
been explained in a step
by step detail in my
comprehensive ebook on
affiliate marketing. click
here to see it
To sign up to be an
affiliate to a merchant is
free and can be done in 2
ways either;
You can go through an
Affiliate Program Provider
An APP acts as a sort of
middle man between
hundreds of Merchants
and thousands of affiliates
on the Internet and there
are quite a number of
APPs example of a few are
Clickbank, Commission
Junction and Linkshare.
Furthermore each APP
provides services which
are beneficial to both the
merchant and an affiliate.
To a merchant, the APP
provides the service of
creating an avenue
whereby the merchant can
have hundreds of affiliates
who will promote the his
or her product and he only
pays the affiliate for
results i.e. either for a sale
or lead, also an APP helps
to track each of the
thousand of affiliate's
progress under the
merchant and pays the
APP pays the affiliate what
is due, while to the
affiliate the service an APP
provides is that once the
affiliate signs up with the
APP which is free, a unique
id by is given to the
affiliate which the affiliate
can use to sign with as
many merchants as
possible in that APP, the
APP collates all the
earnings in one check and
disburses to the affiliate
this disbursement of
checks is done every 2
weeks or every month, or
very 45 days (this depends
on the APP), also an APP
allows an affiliate to have
an overview of the
merchants product,
commission rate,
popularity of product or
information on if the
merchant pays per sale or
lead this enables the
potential affiliate decide if
he or she wants to
promote the merchants
product or not. Or
Supposing you come
across a merchant's
website while browsing
and you like the product(s)
and want to be an affiliate
yet you do not know
merchants APP, just look
at the merchant's
webpage carefully for a
link called Affiliate this will
be situated either at the
top, bottom, or side of the
webpage were the
navigational links are
placed, click on it, this
would then take you to
were you can sign up to
be an affiliate in most
cases, you'd find out this
leads to an APP and if are
already signed up with
one, all you have to do is
input your id.
Now back to the issue of
unique url, when you sign
up as an affiliate to
promote a merchant's
product or service, your
unique id is attached to
the merchant's website
address thereby giving
you your own unique url
or website address. The
idea is that once anyone
makes a purchase or signs
up through your unique
url, it is automatically
noted it came from you
and you are credited for
the sale or lead and you
earn money. Another
reason why I love Affiliate
business is the
promotional aspect.
Though there are different
ways to promote ones
unique website address or
affiliate website as we
may call it, promotions is
beyond the scope of this
article, however it is
pertinent to note that
making money through
affiliate marketing is
basically a numbers game.
The more people you get
to your website, the more
money you make. One of
the many promotional
methods I use is "the spy
and replicate strategy and
the twitter dominate
strategy" among many
others. you can learn
about this strategies by
clicking here
I must add that I do not
need to bother about
logging on to the internet
everyday, but do so once
in a week to check my
earnings through my APP
account and to check how
many people have visited
my site and maybe make
a tweak or two on my
website advertisement to
increase the sales
conversion sales rate.
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