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10 tips you dont know about difficult person - Award6base

Say no to difficulty
Say no to difficulty.


*1*. If you think that everyone is wrong and you are always right. You are making yourself a *DIFFICULT PERSON*.

*2*. When you have something wrong to say about every good person or thing, You just might be a *DIFFICULT PERSON*. 

*3*. If you have gradually become too hard to please. Beware, You are becoming a *DIFFICULT PERSON*. 

*4*. When You argue about everything, even when there is no need for it. Be careful, you are becoming a *DIFFICULT PERSON*. 

*5*. You know the reason why people do what they do...You pride yourself as a mind reader...Are you *GOD? Of course, you are not; You are just a *DIFFICULT PERSON*. 

*6*. If everyone around you walks on eggshells. They'd rather not talk to you...You are a *DIFFICULT PERSON*. 

*7*. If you have a correction for everyone but none for yourself...YOU ARE A *DIFFICULT PERSON* 

*8*. If You never say I AM SORRY; or must be cajoled into saying it... You are a *DIFFICULT PERSON* 

*9*. If You are too adamant about forgiving others... You are a *DIFFICULT PERSON*. 

*10*. Dearly Beloved, a *DIFFICULT PERSON* has to be very careful; otherwise, at some point in your journey, you might discover you are walking alone. 

Think About this and change!


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