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Thursday, February 28, 2019

What Does Web Hosting Mean? Part 2: How Does Web Hosting Work?

I am sure you learned something new and interesting from part 1
of our mini-series "What does web hosting mean?".
In part 2, I will be explaining how web hosting works. I hope you
enjoy and learn something new.
How Does Web Hosting Work??
As I explained yesterday, your website is only a bunch of files. For
them to be accessible online, you need to store these files on a
powerful computer that is connected to the internet. This
computer is called a "server" because it serves up your web files
when people search for your website using your unique domain
name or keywords related to your website.
However, the server you have hosted your web files on will not
be able to serve up your website to people who may be searching
for it if you do not have a domain name.
A domain name is your unique identity on the internet. It takes
people who search for your web address directly to your website.
So, while your web files may be hosted on a server, you need to
give people its' location. This location is your domain name.
To host your website and get a domain name, you will need to
purchase these services from businesses that provide them.
Businesses that provide hosting services are called web hosting
providers. For example, Whogohost is a web hosting service
provider(the largest in Nigeria).
There are various kinds of hosting services that satisfy different
website, software or application needs. I will share some of them
and explain them to you tomorrow. Ensure to keep it locked.
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