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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Types Of Web Hosting : What Is Web Hosting? Part 3

This is the final part of our mini-series "What
does web hosting mean?". I hope you have
learned a few things so far? As promised, I will be
informing you about a few types of web hosting
as well as the benefits of web hosting.
Let's dig in:
Types Of Web Hosting
There are various kinds of hosting services that
can satisfy different website, software or
application needs. Some of them include:
Shared Hosting
This is one of the most economical ways to host
a website because the cost of maintaining a
server is covered by more users. You get to
share one physical server and its resources with
other users, however, other users cannot
encroach on your hosting resources.
Cloud Hosting
A nest of servers that work together is what is
refered to as “the cloud”. What does this mean? It
means that the resources required for
maintaining your website on a cloud hosting plan
are spread across these nest of servers. Which
invariably means that your website does not rely
on one server to stay online. This reduces
downtimes in case of a server malfunction and is
ideal for software developers, people who have a
lot of traffic, and people who want to own their
server, without having to pay through their nose.
Virtual Private Server (VPS)
A virtual server is a physical server that is divided
into multiple Virtual Servers. Each individual
virtual server can be managed as though the
owner has complete control over the Physical
Server. Resources are shared by multiple users
who each have absolute control over their
allocated spaces.
WordPress Hosting
WordPress hosting is a service created especially
for Wordpress websites. As most websites are
created on Wordpress, it is important that special
service for Wordpress websites are created. This
type of hosting is one that keeps your WordPress
installation up-to-date and can protect your site
from security threats that may give hackers
access to your website.
As the name suggests this service allows you to
host your website locally i.e in your country.
Hosting your website in the country where your
business is located makes load time faster. How
so? Signals do not have to travel far to reach your
server when people load your website on their
This is especially beneficial if your target audience
is also within your geographical region.
Email Hosting
This is a professional hosting service that allows
you to own professional email addresses and
host your emails on a secure server. This service
is very useful to people who do not own
websites for their business yet but still want to be
professional when corresponding with clients or
staff. To use this service, all you will need is a
domain name with which you will then create as
many email accounts as you need.

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