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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Part 1: What Is Web Hosting? Do you Know

Part 1: What Is Web Hosting? Do you Know?

You probably own a web hosting account but what do you know
about web hosting other than the basic knowledge that it
publishes your website on the web?
In three short miniseries, I will be educating you on what web
hosting is, how it works, the types and its benefits.
I hope you enjoy this mini series. Keep reading to keep learning.
Let us start from the basics;
What Does Web Hosting Mean?
Simply put, web hosting is an internet service that allows you to
publish your website online. Without hosting your web files, your
website will only be a bunch of beautifully designed files that no
one can find or interact with on the web.
Does this mean that the only way your website can be available or
found online is for you to host it? Well, yes and no.
If you own a blog and use Blogger or Wordpress free sites, you
do not need hosting to get your website published online. This is
because your blog will be hosted on Wordpress and Blogger
servers. However, you will not get a custom domain with this
free website.
If you own a Blogger or Wordpress free blog, your domain name
will look like this - myblogname .blogspot. com or
myblogname. wordpress. com. In order to keep your audience
from knowing that you are using a free website, you can get a
custom domain name like; yourwebsitename. online.
Do you use a free website service and need a custom domain
name? We sell very cool and affordable domains like **.SITE,
.ONLINE** and many more for as low as **N1,000**. **You can
place your order. once you have gotten your domain name, you can get business
email addresses so that you can communicate with your
customers professionally. You can get business email accounts
for as low as **N420/month**. Check out the great features and
**place your order here**.
Tomorrow, I will be sharing how web hosting works and some

of the different types. If you have any questions about today's
topic, please do not hesitate to respond to this email. Meanwhile, if you need guidance on how to place an order for domains and
business emails on our website.

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