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الثلاثاء، 15 يناير 2019

There is more sense than nonsense in the Facebook 10 years challenge - #10yearchallenge

It was Heraclitus who aptly posited that in life only
change is constant. Few days ago, a Facebook user
posted a picture that was taken 10 years ago
alongside the one taken earlier this year and tagged few others, challenging them to do same. Since then,
many people have been digging out for their old
pictures, others are calling home and asking relatives
to help in the excavation. There is a saying that a
picture is worth a thousand words. I can imagine the
joy or the sadness, the silence or the echoes people feel as they pick their picture of 10 years back. It
really calls for sober reflection.
Without prejudice to your personal opinion I think this
recent viral motion on Facebook called "10 years
challenge" has some positive and brighter side that
we can benefit from. Most importantly It should drag us down the memory lane of life, offering us
opportunity to see so much blessings in two pictures.
While many see it as just fun we should leverage on
the opportunity to reflect over our lives, the ups and
downs, the blessings and the lessons.
I have been following the trend and I must say it's really interesting. Going through the comment box of
each picture I come, I see feelings of nostalgia,
reminiscence of the oldies. I see a wonderful reunion
of family and friends!
From my observation, people pay more attention to
physical metamorphosis they have undergone: transmission from skinny to plumpy, ugly to beautiful
body, from poor to rich, single to married status.
These are natural observations that catch the eyes.
However, there are other areas beyond the surface
we should not ignore in this trend. First is our
relationship with God. What has changed in 10 years? Is our spiritual life stunted or growing? Second is our
relationship with family. How often do we call our
parents and siblings and see how they are fairing?
Third is our relationship with friends. Those friends
that helped us in our rainy old days, do we still
remember their kindness 10 years afterwards? On the bottom line, what would be your feeling if you
see the picture you took today 10 years from now?
The expected feeling should be our guide.
In the final analysis, there is more sense than
nonsense in the Facebook 10 years challenge. It
depends on the side you see from. I see from a brighter side.

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