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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

New Poem Title : The Young Bachelor By Joshua Abiodun Ologunde

Welcome Viewer to Award6base Media this is to inform the general republic that another Poem has be written by a man, a poet called Joshua Abiodun Ologunde #Joshua_Abiodun_Ologunde.
He Title His Poem Enjoy Poet: Joshua A. Ologunde
Poem title: The Young Bachelor
Give me akara and fried potatoes
Please put pepper o!
Mi-shie, how you dey!
Cook indomie and egg for me sharp-sharp-abeg!
Add pepper well-well o, abeg!
How far, my friend?
Garri or Fufu dey? and draw-soup
He dey! Okay give me and bring cold Pepsi abeg!
Hello BB!
Let me have; fried rice and chicken
Plus, a very cold petti-coke, thanks!
Long story short; an era to remember
Hmm! face dressed with smiles
Shaking my head like a running Lizard
As cool as cool can be coolly cool
Swimmingly, Life is cool as a bachelor
Bachelor of what? Of Art? Mr Monday asked;
This He said: as I fell into a river of laughter
Hmmm, even though am not too happy with it;
The standing-innovation at the Akara-joint
As I patiently await the Akara as it journeyed-down,
From the hot fiery-furnace ground-nut oil
Oh Bachelor!!! the era of freedom, tales' and liberty
Thou art the sweetest time in everyman's life
Oh, Young Bachelor! Oh young bachelor!
A season to remember.
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