Guys that are flirting around you only one is good for you. Written by Chibest Chibuike - Award6base Leading In Technology Discovery And Business Idea


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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Guys that are flirting around you only one is good for you. Written by Chibest Chibuike

Today is a day I will like to remember because is a day I discovered the move or character of every evil minded guys that pretend to play the role of a good person, all the name of sex. My Sister, i know many guys are interested in you, I no they are not happy Chibest Chibuike is saying this . they admire your physic a lot and most of them are showing interest on marrying you, well there is nothing wrong in all that but i must tell you something you must know, that among all these guys that are flirting around you. ONLY ONE OF THEM IS GOOD FOR YOU. Among them are these qualities. Deceievers.Theywill engage you, you trust them with your life but they trust you will always believe their lies. Some are demons, their goal is nothing but just to know the woman in you and go. Some are devourer, if you give them Chance, they will drug you and rape you. Some are lions, if you bring them in, they will pregnate you and force abortion on you. Some are wild the first date, their target is to kill you and take off some of your body parts for ritual purposes. Some are serial killers, they need nothing from you but to see you dead. Some are Chameleon, when they are with you, they give you the behaviour you wanted, when they go out they are with another women, These are casanovas in nature..
While very very few are quite different, they has the face like the face of the son of GOD, one side is Lamb and another side is LION...when they are dealing with you, they face you with the face of the Lamb, so gentle, so easy, so king, so good, never lie to you, no single deceit in them, they are ready to defend you with their lives and your happiness is their utmost priority, when the enemy wants to devour you they will face the enemy with the face of the LION to scare the enemies away from you. MY SISTER, THIS VERY ONE IS YOUR HUSBAND. BUT THE QUESTION NOW IS,,, HOW WILL YOU DISCOVER HIM AMONG SO MANY OTHERS THAT ARE FLIRTING AROUND YOU???. Because this people are inside the church and also in the office and also every place you go. Difficult to no the right one but one thing I no. The wrong once can't art drama for ever.. Something will bring them out. My friend use to say "if you can stand the hit get out of the kitchen". All you have to do is to make faith and believe stronger than before.. God help os all to get the Good heart that truly love os.. I believe you have your own opinion..
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