Ceo and Founder of Naijatopmost Wf Adegold Opsix narrate how he started blogging - Award6base Leading In Technology Discovery And Business Idea


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Friday, August 17, 2018

Ceo and Founder of Naijatopmost Wf Adegold Opsix narrate how he started blogging

The Ceo & Founder of Naijatopmost and a Blogger ¦ Seo Entrepreneur ¦ Music Promoter ¦ Website Designer by his name Wf Adegold Opsix
narrate how he started blogging, he wrote online what will motivate and help the upcoming programmer and blogger. Checkout the letter
My Life Story :- What Pushed Me Into Blogging & Web Development

It in my blood to have a website before but I leave the opinion, But when one of my sch bro went to Lagos he made a site unifamous.Ga, I ask him all and he says na domain they pay but the bro told me that that's what am looking for since coz I always told him all my opinions, Later One Day Though We Always Chats Up On 2go but the certain day we chats up last, he asked me to promise him that if I never see him again I will make sure I made a website by my self without help from anyone. Hopefully I promised him that but unknowingly to me that that would be our last chat up I search him at area but all tried unavail so one day I saw one of his friend that posted that he died, I was Very Sad, Though I have to fufil my promises and kept it on since 2009.
Now See Me Am A Full Programmer & Blogger Just To Fufil My Promise, Also I Have Much Interest In It R.I. P SAINT FEMIGHT ALWAYS REMEMBERING YOU ON A SAD MOOD
This Is What Pushed Me Into Blogging
and our Correspondent ask him weather the world should be expecting new things and he said that, there is a new project that his working on that he will announce it when he finish it.
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