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الأربعاء، 13 يونيو 2018

Be Informed:- If You Study Any Of These Courses, You Can Work Anywhere

AWARD6BASEThere are some courses that are very economic beneficial and have a wider prospect.
Due to the high rate of employment in our dear country, Nigeria, it is pertinent that students are informed of selective courses that has a wide range of potentials.
However, don’t misconstrue my point, no course is irrelevant but the situation of his country is only the big issue.
If you have passion for studying a particular course in the University, let nothing stop you. Nevertheless, put in all of your efforts in being the best of the best,,, it’s not impossible.
Making some higlights on some courses, there are specific courses that makes you very versatile because they don’t restrict you to just that field and there are also some courses that they just restrict you to the field alone.
For example, if you study medicine and surgery, you can only work in an hospital. Even engineering course restricts you just to the engineering field alone.
This article will expose you to these courses that makes you very valuable in your specific field and also invaluable in other fields.
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You would agree with me that every companies and organizations always have an accounting department. If you go to hospitals, there’s an accounting department. In tertiary institutions, there’s a need for accounts. This course is very versatile because the department cuts across virtually all fields of life.
Some people would say Economics is not a course to consider for employability stats. If you don’t know, Economics is the center of finances control and it is a compulsory brother to disciplines such as Business Management, Accounting, Finance and Business Administration.
Computer Science:
It is not a disputable fact that we live in a digital age. Whether you like it or not, virtually all industries make use of computers and the need for computer scientists becomes inescapable. In universities, banks, big law firms, hospitals and other companies, computer scientists are invaluable because they solve software and hardware problems.
Mass Communication:
If not for the population of people going for Mass Communication nowadays, the course have its indestructible potentials, nevertheless, it still retains its uniqueness.
With a degree in communication, you can do many things. You’re a communicator and you can work in any company. In Business Management, Industries and the likes, it’s a big Goal…Award6base: Nigerias Can Die For Titles And Degree By Onwuka U...Marketing :
You might be surprised but, do you know that every company wants to market his goods/services? A law firm wants to inform people about their services, hospital wants to make its name known, established schools want to publicise the school, industries want to sell their products,,, now, tell me, who will answer the call if not a marketer?
I don’t want to be biased because I’m a language student. But do you know that studying a foreign language somehow makes you insdispensanle?
If you study a recognized foreign language maybe like Chinese or French, your potentials are unlimited. Tho, many people think language students often end up at the school environment but it’s not so.
A language graduate can work at international organizations, airports & embassies, government organizations, business organizations, secondary and tertiary institutions, or as a journalist.
I hope you get the gist. I’m not disparaging any course because every course has its own potentials and uniqueness. The courses listed above are courses that fits into almost any field you can mention.
If you have any opinion or you think there’s a course that should be on the list, make use of the comment box below.

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