Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage who
is arguably the Queen of African
music shared a bitter experience
she had on the runway of the
Lagos International Airport
recently. According to her, the
plane was robbed while still on
the runway.
She made this known on
Snapchat where she stated that
the luggage on a plane she
boarded was stolen. She further
highlighted the insecurity in
using the services of some
Nigeria aircraft operators. Her
story corroborated the report of
Sahara Reporters about a certain
private jet operator, Vistajet
which was robbed by bandits
while on the runway.
It no doubt an unimaginable
possibility that a plane could be
robbed while on the runway and
all the pilot could say was that
“he saw the cargo hold light.”
Well, if it could happen to a
private jet operator, why not any
other? Tiwa said;
“So our plane lands and while
we’re still on the runway,
someone opens the cargo holds
and steals our luggage. The pilot
said he saw the cargo hold light.
How is that possible? Can
someone just walk on a runway
and steal luggage from a plane?
It could have been a bomb
someone would just put in there.
It means everyone can have
access to planes.”
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