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Sunday, 31 December 2017

Surprising ways you didn’t know you could get pregnant

Get your notes now ladies and jot down these ways you can have his boys inside you even when you use protection.
Opening a condom with your teeth
In the excitement of the moment and you have your hands up there somewhere you can find yourself digging your teeth into the pack to pry it open. Well, you could just dig a teeny weeny hole in it with your teeth in the process; there the boys could swim through.
Playing in the bathtub
Yeah, I know it’s not like you are down on the sheets getting loaded up with semen. Know now that even in the tub with you guys fooling around, if your man ejaculates in the process his seminal fluid could end up inside you within minutes.
Sticky fingers
Since we are considering all possibilities here, assuming your man gets his fingers wet with his semen and then he decides to play around inside you with his fingers you could end up being pregnant!
Having sex when you’re on your period
Those little creatures can be wicked at times! They could live in you for days so when you think your period is ended and you have sex with your partner you could get pregnant if you ovulate early.
Use of old condoms
These things also have an expiry date especially when they are exposed to harsh conditions. Never go with a condom your man ransacked in his apartment or dug out of his wallet if you don’t want to end up with a bouncing baby in months to come.Award6base: Nigerias Can Die For Titles And Degree By Onwuka U...

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