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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Common things that happen when you try to breastfeed your baby boy

AWARD6BASEBabies are a delight to behold! They are so innocent, full of life and adorable. You can love and get attached to them without even trying. For mothers, having the fruit of the womb is a wonderful thing, and when it comes to giving them milk they can’t trade this experience for anything else (this applies to real mothers out there). Here are some things mothers can relate to when breastfeeding especially if it’s a baby boy.
Not letting go of your boobs
Imagine your baby has been feeding for a while and then he falls asleep but the moment you try to extract your breast from his little mouth he puts up a fit and latches on tight! And even when baby boys grow up to be big boys they still can’t get over a lady’s boobs.
Following you even to the bath
When it’s time for you give your baby suck and you put it off doing other activities; you’re courting trouble without even knowing it. For babies who are 6months+ I bet that you won’t be able to move a step without them tagging along with you.
Feeding rapturously
Yes, baby girls also enjoy their feeding time but what have noticed with baby boys is that they tend to enjoy and appreciate it more. This is obvious with the way they cuddle up to you and hold onto your boobs like it’s their personal property!Award6base: Nigerias Can Die For Titles And Degree By Onwuka U...

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