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Advice on why you should not rush into blogging and internet business

Noise maker
Noisemaker blogger

He was Once a 'blogger' 'blogger indeed' 'a Quack
Noise making blogger'
When he started newly, he started with a noise
making on topfreedom domain, wapka,
mywapblog or blog my..... After all the shutting
down e moved to free host on byethost with
freedom domain.
After say Byethost the do am surge after few
days he wasn't contented he moved to Blogspot,
with free domain
Then luck smiled on him he come use coupon
code buy, the coupon come de shark
am...... He comes to go GoDaddy go use coupon
code buy .com 'Hurray!!' 400naira, internet no
sleep again..... He starts perambulating up and
down!!! I you advertise on your timeline ' you
need a domain I will buy it for you 5k' he will
comment, no no no no when I buy mine
400naira with coupon code come inbox let me
show u how I did it....... Naso e despoil people
business up and down, those registering it for
people that are charging higher do you think they don't know what they are doing or na over good
go make you do business without gaining,...
When the issue of moving to HTTPS then
came out, my pal mistakenly bought an ssl certificate
from a host to use it on a blogger
he told me about it, it's unfortunate blogger doesn't
use an ssl like WordPress...... I told him about the
blogger's own, I didn't know how the perambulating
blogger caught wind of it...... He exposes that one
too, 'SSL' for blogger blah blah blah 3k..... E do
business with that one
E don sells SSL get money small...... Adsense
matter enters Adsense no day him blog but e day
sell AdSense..... How come?? He's selling it for
people and they get his commission.....
While doing this his blog was failing.
He left his blog and went after money........
God pity am come dash am Adsense...... After a
the week he started complaining of low earnings, no
earnings on top no traffic oo, CPC 0.01$ e come
move from USA AdSense to UK AdSense....... Still
not satisfied.
He started clicking his ads, over clicked that
Adsense banned him for a month.....
After 10day out of the 30days ban, he put up the
AdSense is on sale. 4k, from 4k to 3.5k, to 2k to
1500 last.
Then I didn't know what happens to his blog, he
started 'clinching' with other bloggers...... Helping
them share their links on his timeline, advertising
for them. When I asked him he said he is co-
owner and co-working on the blog.
His Facebook status changed 'elemi ni o ma
last..... Hustle must pay, sleepless nights must
pay, Adsense must pay' ok oo..... His village
people were just laughing at him
From there he started manipulating other
upcoming bloggers like him...... He killed most
of them with wrong advice, telling them what to
do and what not to do until he destroy them
Then he started standing up to the pro and
veteran Bloggers, when the pros post and
advertise... He will comment on his advice
inside comment, and comment worst
of all x10 is cheaper than the pro own..... Some of
the pros started talking to him but he didn't listen to
them, he was headstrong of a sudden the pros stopped talking to him to
stop his wrongdoings, he opened a group on
WhatsApp, Facebook he made suggestions no
the body was listening......
He became a confused personality... He started
manipulating another blogger who was my good
student to partner with him..... He manipulates
that one into going against me that I scammed him
over an ebook, I sold to the blogger who was my
students...... He joined forces with my student
created a group or rather joined a group to spoil
my name for the scam I wasn't their cos I already
blocked him and my student so the pros and the
as at the top stood for me cos they know what
I can do and cannot do..... Some were even
giving me feedback on how everything goes soi
was fulfilled cos I made an oath to myself to
always be legit no matter what it will cost me.
And the result was that they stood for me
Later I unblocked him and my student and he
added me back I accepted only to start seeing his
status update 'maga must pay, all this fynbos
sha iyanu ma shale....'
Later we talked inbox and I asked him what was
up he told me he isn't a blogger and that he's now
doing something different online..... What is that I
asked him, and he said I shouldn't worry...... Blogging
is shit, I can never come back to it he said..... Ok, oo.
When a blogger posts that he/she needs or wanna
do so so so thing, what asking about something related to blogging this confused personality will
the comment that he can do it, the blogger shud
come and hire him..... He is not a blogger again but he is using his blogger profile to extract money
from them.
Later he came asking me if I see that advert on a
host who claim to be selling the .com domain for
10naira, domain????? Umm but you
are not a blogger what do u wanna do with it.....
He said he wanna buy it for his nephew!!
LESSON: Geez. If you rush in, you gonna rush
out...... By the time you are now calm, it will now
be difficult to come back in cos a hand of support
will be very far from u


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