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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Social Advice For Lady

Award6base: Nigerias Can Die For Titles And Degree By Onwuka U...Social Advice For Lady
I have Give Boys Thier own Social Advice Today
And Here is for girls
1. There are single mom by choice and by
circumstance. If you allow one man to sweet talk
you or deceive you with "Baby, I love you" and you
give it to him, you'll end up becoming a single
mother by choice while he goes on to sample other
ladies. Be wise ladies!
2. Dear ladies, don't be deceived, most men that
appeared 'born again' do not have their hormones
born again. No, not all of them have the ability to
control it. Only very few won't culture you for sex.
3. You need more than discipline to maintain sexual
purity in this last days.ucbest The Holy Spirit and a constant renewal of your mind is key so that you
won't conform to the norm in our society.
4. Oftentimes in life we worry so much for many
things. But because we do not understand them,
our frustration heightens. The best way to LIVE a
WORRY FREE life is to understand God's purpose, dealing and timing for your life and DON'T COMPARE
YOURSELF WITH ANYBODY, not even your siblings.
It's even worse comparing yourself with

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