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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Current Nigerian youth status by Okoro Daniel O(Gurusprovince)

This was updated by Okoro Daniel O the Ceo and a writer of (Gurusprovince) http://Gurusprovince.c om/ , on facebook saying PhotoFinally, let me address this.
Dear Nigerians,
Yes! Blogging is for everybody! Yeah! Everyone is entitled to be a programmer!! Of course everyone should be a freelancer!!
Let's put some things into consideration;
- Just imagine everyone is rich, who's gonna be going farming? Who will be doing fashion designing? Who will be a hair designer?
- Just imagine everyone is a pastor, who are they gonna preaching to? Themselves?
- Just imagine there's no life trials, temptations, witches and wizards (as we do call them), how many of us would still be close to God?
- Just imagine everyone is Bill Gate, who's gonna be his competitor?
- Just imagine everyone is you, who's gonna be another person? **smile** (that sounds puzzling right?)
Let's place all these imaginations on current Nigerian youth status.
Currently. everyone is aiming to become a programmer, blogger, animator, graphics designer and the rest.
- Just imagine everyone is a programmer, how is it gonna look like?
- Just imagine everyone is a blogger, Who's gonna be the blog reader?
- Just imagine everyone does the same thing, how is it gonna be?
Recently, I was strolling my timeline when I came across a post a blogger made, he was like: "Everyone is now wise, no one wanna click ads again"
I then quickly remember the funny thing I came across on WhatsApp few days ago.
"There was a raised conversation in the group, during the conversation, I realized I've encountered same discussion that was raised in the group somewhere online, I then open my browser, browse through the link then shared it to them for a confirmation of what they're threading on.
The next comment I saw about the link I shared gave me a shocking thought. Some of the comments goes thus:
- They are here again o! Bloggers.
- See this one, he's looking for traffic.
- Stop spamming here.
- He want us to click ads. and many more I can't remember but all was a negative comment."
Where is Nigeria Youths going with this? Best internet geeks in the whole world right?
Like I do say; it's not compulsory you know everything about something, but you know something about everything.
Ain't saying you shouldn't have knowledge about blogging, knowledge about programming, about anything you can think of.
An average Nigeria youth will end up toying with his/her career after reading a post where;
- Mark Zuckerberg was announced the 4th richest man in the whole world.
- Where Linda Ikeji(my girlfriend), Makinde Azeez, and other raining blogger are making testimony on how they became rich online.
After reading; will then wake up dumb his real career and start chasing the wind.
Okay fine! Let's assume everything is now online, everyone is now online, what has Nigeria among top ranking internet user achieve so far? C and P right? Spoiling the nation name huh? ruining and tarnishing the country's image isn't it? Scroll down to read more

1 comment:

  1. "Few days ago, I was glancing through some reasons why Nigeria wasn't eligible to access Paypal fully as a user, then I came across a white man comment where he said: Nigerians? They're scammers, the only thing in their brain is tactics on how to scam you, I can never indulge myself in doing business with them"
    Yet, we seems not stopping same act.
    Please, Nigerians, wise up! We can be better than this!!
    An average blogger these days on the first week of blogging is searching for AdSense, after being opportune/eligible to have one will be thinking on how to scam AdSense with invalid click. Seriously, I must confess this, I was 70% happy for the recently action AdSense took in banning some guys.
    Dear Nigerians, please learn! Think! We can do more things better than this!!
    What is WAPKA? What is WORDPRESS? what is FACEBOOK? What is INSTAGRAM? What is Google? **smile** Something founded by someone right? Good!! We can do better only if we can think!!!
    Blogging, Programming and other bla bla bla things you're thinking is a way but still not the way.
    "Good life is for everyone but not everyone is entitled to have it."
    Let me disclose this to you;
    Do you know that we're currently repeating same thing our Fathers did? They abandon Cocoa and Agriculture in general for Petroleum.
    Lol.... You still wanna abandon your precious Talent for blogging right?
    Are you insinuating indirectly that God destined all Nigeria youths to become a blogger? hell No!!!
    Because your friend is making it in blogging, programming, graphics designing doesn't make it your calling! Kill that silly urge in you mehn!! It's taking you nowhere!
    You have another more precious things to achieve than this okay! Find it!
    Dropping my pen here till when I'll pick it up again for continuation.
    Dear Nigeria Youths, think about it!!!


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