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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Nigeria Can Die For Titles And Degree By Onwuka Ugochukwu Short Story writer

NIGERIANS CAN DIE FOR TITLES AND DEGREE By Onwuka Ugochukwu Short Story writer I have come in conclusion way political leaders in Nigeria would not resist their irrepressible urge and appetite for fake certificates and empty titles.
I see title seekers as empty vessels that have to overcompensate for bearing that
which is not rightly theirs.
Long before Senator Dino Melaye got into
certificate scandal, there were Bola Tinubu,
Andy Uba, Salisu Buhari, Muhammadu Buhari, Ayo Fayose, Domingo Obende, Maurice Iwu, Gabriel Suswam, Adam
Oshiomhole, Godwin Obaseki, Ndi Okereke-
Onyuike, Evans Enwerem and Stella Oduah.
President Muhammadu Buhari
Sahara Reporters reports that the academic
requirement for the highest political office in
Nigeria, the president of the Federal Republic
of Nigeria, is High School Leaving Certificate.
Lolz it's seen that lower level positions also require the same level of education. Most people
would not know this by a look at a cross
section of Nigerian politicians that have been
implicated in certificate scandals since the
return of democracy in 1999.
The people involved are the ‘who is who’ in
Nigerian politics over the years, including
President Muhammadu Buhari.
President Muhammadu Buhari
During the 2015 elections, then candidate
Buhari was unable to produce his University of
Cambridge/West African School Certificate. He
argued that the military authorities had it on
record but the then government in power
would not let the military release it.
He later released something from the 21st
century that was not a copy of what he
obtained as a high school graduate in Kastina
in 1961.
Bola Tinubu
As governor of Lagos State from 1999 to
2007, he was caught in a certificate scandal
when he claimed to have graduated from
Chicago State University in his election
campaign filings. A check with the University
showed that he was never a student there.
Just like the case of Dino Melaye, his
defenders came up with the argument that he
changed his name.
Andy Uba
As domestic help of then President Olusegun
Obasanjo, Mr Ubah wielded so much power in
the Obasanjo administration that when he led
thugs to Anambra state capital to destroy
government properties, President Olusegun
Obasanjo looked away. With the support of
Obasanjo, he later ran for governor of
Anambra state.
During that run, it was revealed that none of
the degrees he claimed to have earned were
authentic. He allegedly bought a doctorate
degree from a degree mill. Even his bachelor
degree from California State University was
APC national leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu
He said that: "I don’t think that there can be
one straightforwardexplanation for the
epidemic of self-inflation in Nigeria. It is
perhaps the most democratic of our national
ills in terms of its spread across all classes
and social milieux.
"However, it is much more prevalent in the
ruling class, among the political elite. I think
you will need to go to sociology, history and
even psychoanalysis to understand the
problem. Why does a Nigerian, and especially
a member of the political elite, need to keep
on purchasing traditional chieftaincy titles till
he practically draws his last breath on earth?
"And not content with chieftaincy titles, why
does he need to make a fraudulent claim to
academic degrees – especially foreign
academic degrees? And why do they do this in the most unnecessary of circumstances?
Salisu Buhari had enough education. He did
not need to fraudulently claim an additional
degree from the University of Toronto.
"I think the personality issues, the
inadequacies, the inferiority complex that is
manifest in all these people is tied to the
disconnect between our self-image as the
“giant of Africa” and the material report card
of our condition as an “open sore of the
continent” (apologies to Wole Soyinka).
President Buhari once said and I quote that:
“if Nigeria does not kill Corruption, Corruption
will kill Nigeria.”
"I crave your indulgence to improve on that
statement by saying that if Nigerian political
leaders would not check or resist their
irrepressible urge and appetite for fake
certificates and empty titles, there is a chance
that the observation we have seen in Senator
Dino Melaye of Kogi would remain a tip of the
Short Story Writer by Onwuka ugochukwu aka mayor please send us your post articles

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