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الاثنين، 19 يونيو 2017

Eyah Futo Student Weep About The Recent Accident

This was written, and post/updated on media saying Eyah Learnt that a FUTO student from the department of MME Lost his life during a ghastly accident along the newly commissioned Eziobodo Road, last night....May His soul rest in peace...
I just hope they won't blame the devil this time around.....its not the devil's work or what can we say....its the work of human ignorance....
I don't know the individual or company that road project was awarded to that doesnt know that every road (apart from highways) requires speedstoppers (road bumps)......and to we commuters let's adhere strictly to the traffic rules and regulations....Rules like:
- don't back incoming vehicles, nor outgoing vehicles, the moving vehicle and you must facing you(not backing you).
- before you cross the road, look your left,your right and your left again before you cross, our primary school teachers aren't fools for asking us to recite this as poem...some of us can't cross a road well.
- don't walk at the middle of the road as if its your father's possession. Some of us are fond of that.
- don't insert earpiece nor headphones on your head will walking along the road. Most of we students are culprits of this offence.
- don't chat with your phone while on the road......its the fastest means of reaching heaven.....i'm also a culprit of this offence, but i have decided to change after this incident.
And to our fellow car riders, motorcycle riders, tricycle riders, even wheel barrow riders...
Please, make sure you know the condition of your vehicle or motorcycle each day before you place it on the road and lets us learn how to drive nwayoly nwayoly.
So many basic traffic rules and regulations we all need to adhere to.
May God continue to protect every one of us.
Untimely death is not our portion in jesus name (AMEN).
Note that the words that is used here in this post is not to abuse anybody, we Award6base is just doing our best to give you what so ever that is really happen in the society.

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