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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

When we reported to the School's security-Part 1

About three phones have gone missing in our
room in the past five months. When we
reported to the School's security, they only
told us that it
was a roommate that is responsible.
Everyone of us in the room was waiting for the day we will catch the culprit. Last
Tuesday, when we were all asleep; I think it
was about 2 am, Ben woke up suddenly and
his phone was gone. His phone was the
most expensive of us all. When Ben woke up
and couldn't find his phone, he sprang up from the bed and
quickly opened his
cupboard. He rummaged the contents, even
removed his clothes but could still
not find the phone.
I was in the room when it happened; sitting and reading before I dozed off with my
heading resting on my books. So when Ben
couldn't find his
phone, he gently
shook my shoulders until I woke up.
'It has happened again', he told me. I didn't even need to ask what happened as I
could see the panic and loss written
in his eyes.
This is the second time his phone had been
stolen. So I took my phone and dialed Ben's
number; just to be sure it had not been misplaced. 'Error in Connection' was what I
saw on the screen of my phone. I dialed it
again and it started
ringing not just on
my phone, but the actual ring tone of Ben's
Samsung phone was faintly audible. We were both surprised when we
heard the tone.
I beckoned on Ben to keep quiet as
he was visibly
ready to 'finish' the person who took
his phone. I continued dialing as we moved silently, following
the direction of the ring tone.
There were four bunks in the room, each
with two bed spaces. Ben and I use the same
bunk just beside the door and the sound was
coming from the last bunk at the extreme left corner.
We tiptoed, Ben and I, like Jack Baeur until
traced the sound to the top bed space on the
last bunk.
'So it is John who had been stealing phones in this room'. Ben whispered to me.
We shook his leg and woke him up only to
find out it was not John sleeping on the
mattress. Neither of us had ever seen the
before. To make matters worse, the ringing was coming
from the bag he was using as pillow.
When he woke up, he looked at us
strangely as if
he didn't know why we were there.
We opened the bag and found not just Ben's
Samsung, but three other phones.
'So, you are the one who's been
stealing our
phones!'; Ben shouted at him.
Before he could find an excuse, Ben slapped him
on his left cheek and walked out
looking for
anything to break one or two of the
guy's bones.
I don't know; but there was something about the
guy. So I asked him,
'Oga, what are you doing here?'
'What are you doing with Ben's
He was just looking at me without saying
anything, so I slapped his right
cheek with my left
'ANSWER ME!', I screamed at him;
waking up the roommates who were around.
John had obviously gone to night
class to read
and I assumed the other three
roommates who
were absent had also gone to read. The two guys remaining in the room
with me and
Ben came and gave their own round
of slaps.
The accused was now staggering
when Ben came back with a long wood hard enough
to kill the
As he raised it up, the three of us,
roommates, held his hands so he wouldn't
murder the accused.

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