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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

When we reported to the School's security Part 2

Ben dropped the wood and swept
his right leg
against the thief's legs and he fell
down. Ben had told me before that he had
attended the
Soldiers' recruitment training but
failed the
medical test. I believed him right
then. I looked at the guy crumple on the
floor and
before Ben killed him, I decided to
interview him,
at least to know who he is.
He was now sitting on the ground where he
landed from Ben's force.
'Who are you?'
I asked him again; this time gently.
He was crying but it was only the
tears that were coming out.
It was then I realized he had not
even uttered a
word since it all started. Not even
when he fell to
the ground. 'Why are you in our room'? I asked
'Can you even talk?'
He shook his head then.
I was now confused. Why was he
shaking his head?
So, I asked again,
'Can't you talk?'
He shook his head again.
'Wait, is it that this guy is dumb?', I
asked the guys.
The guy then nodded his head and
pointed to his
mouth and then shook his head left
to right.
It hit me then. The guy is dumb but not deaf. That
was the first
time I am seeing a case like that.
My anger changed to pity
'Are you dumb?', I ashamedly asked the guy to
Again, he nodded his head.
'Can you read and write?'
He nodded again.
'Get me a pen and note!' I said to my roommates
over my shoulder.
I collected the pen and wrote on the
'Who are you? Explain yourself.'
I was almost in tears as I read his fine
'My name is James, I am John's elder
brother. I
am a student of Delta State
University. I was traveling to Delta but our bus
stopped for the
night at Benin. So I decided to sleep
with my
brother till tomorrow morning. He
brought me here around 12 am and went out to
night class to
read. He gave me the bag to keep
for him. So I
decided to use it as pillow so that it
won't be stolen'.
I held the note with the guys at my
back as all of
us read it.
I became so weak I almost fell.�
'The guy is innocent.' I needlessly announced.
When we realized this, even I was
ashamed of
Ben just stood there with the wood
he almost used to hit him, looking as if he was
the one who
had been beaten.
I am not sure, but I think I saw
tears in his eyes
as he realized he had just punished an innocent
So we knelt down; Ben and I, we
knelt down and
clasped our hands so he will know
we were really sorry.
With tears in our eyes, we told him,
'We are sorry. Sorry for accusing you
wrongly and
beating you for it'.
The dumb guy just smiled with bleeding lips from
the blow I gave him. He smiled and
looked into
our eyes. And I could see pity in his
He smiled and shook his head and then wrote in
the same paper.
'It is Alright. I took the pain
willingly. Please
don't beat my brother anymore. I
knew why you were beating me. John had always
been a thief,
right from home. But please don't
report or beat
him again'.
Tears dropped from my eyes as I read his
sacrifice. He deliberately allowed us
beat him just
so that John will be free.
I lend my hand and raised him up
as I used my cloth to wipe the tears from his face
and blood
from his lips.
It was then my own tears flowed
from the
corners of my eyes. ..
Although this story is 100% fiction,
this is what
Jesus did for us on the cross of
calvary. kept
quiet and even died so that we can be saved. He
never protested his innocence but
bore it all for us. He gave his life for you. What
have you given
for him? Someone shared with me, don't
forget to also share

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