Thursday, 21 March 2019

What really happen today in Federal Polytechnic Nekede - Award6base


What Really Happen In Federal Polytechnic Nekede Today - Award6base.
Welcome to Award6base where we give you news and things happen around the world, basically here in Nigeria. As the theard and topic said, what really happen in that, their was Orientation today thursday 21-03-19 at the school ceremonial ground.
This was noted to remember and to tell the student what the school Federal Polytechnic Nekede is all about, and to tell the student the did and dont of the school, first was the opening prayer was said by one the excos of the school and the event properly start and after the spoken words of some student, the time we have being waiting for the SUG of the federal polytechnic nekede was called to make is speech and he started by greeting the nigeria, and the words was told by tell the student about the school and how it it being run he also said things like cultism warning them not to go into it, because their parent sent them to school and learn and study,let them face their book/study and he also mention information started by some student on social media telling them to becarelly on all information sharing becuase you dont know who is viewing or monitoring you online after that the vice SUG came out telling the of their dressing code, she continet by saying that dressing well in the in the school is good that dont dress to attracte the men because how you dress that is how people will talk about or refferal to you and after all talk the event was left with the DJ to entertain the student and their was dancing dancing and the event to contiune tomorrow.
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