Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Things you should knw before thinking of website/blog ownership

To create a website
You have to be determined and leave aside earning money issue at the start.
Creating a wordpress site you'll spend a lot of money.
Firstly you buy a hosting and a domain.
For the hosting I suggest Abollyhost for you which you'll pay #250 monthly for the hosting and #3500 yearly.
And for the domain. Domain means the address of the website or blog e.g
And so on. Those I put in quotations are those you'll buy and the cheapest is ""
I suggest you buy it at Garanntor at the rate of #1300 yearly.
After buying hosting and domain the remaining thing is to install a script you want.
NB; Choose the domain name that fits the niche (title) or purpose of your blog.

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