Step to start a record label in nigeria

You need money to run a label. Its no child’s play, all the people you’re hiring are going to be paid. You’ll need to promote your artiste and buy one or two things. Your label wouldn’t be making money instantly so it needs to run on some cash till the business reaches break even point.
2. A plan
A business plan is very important if you’re going to have a well defined structure. You need to know the kind of label you want to run. Some labels only handle distribution, others only handle recording and some do all. A business plan is simply an idea laid out in a written form, it will guide your actions and goals.
3. Assembling your team
Your new small record label in Nigeria can start with you as the potential CEO. Its “potential” because you do not officially occupy that position until your company is registered as a legal entity. I’ll talk more about that below. The CEO will take care of running the business. You as a CEO can also double as an artiste manager.
A new record label in Nigeria also needs at least an artiste and a publicist, who is usually a blogger. But if you decide to go really serious you must consolidate;
Without key figures in your label label, you really do not have a company. The following positions need to be occupied by experienced personnel.
a.Legal affairs: Legal will handle the creation and dissolution of all binding documents. They will explain the meaning of terms, tell you the implications of your actions and help you design your contracts for you. They are your representation and will respond to any law suit or infringement.
b.PR/Publicity: They take care of your image building and public welfare of all team members. They will create trends for you, and make sure stories about you reach Linda Ikeji. They manage your media profiles and also help you write replies. This team packages you against potentially disastrous career statements. PR hear things in and out if the industry, they are your amebo people.
c.Manager: The manager is the labels closest link with the artiste. He makes sure the artiste complies with the labels ideology and often takes the responsibility of sales and distribution (marketing). There can be other managerial positions like the business officer who handles bookkeeping, payroll and finance records.
You also need these, I’ve explained their functions
d.Sound engineers
e.HR team
f.Sales team Award6base: Nigerias Can Die For Titles And Degree By Onwuka U...

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