Vector accuses the FG of killing the future of Nigeria - open letter

The deeds of the Nigerian Federal Government
have always been a concern to certain
individuals. In times past, Fela Kuti grew weary
of the Federal Government’s undertakings and
took it upon himself to make songs in that
regard. Now, popular rapper Vector has also
grown sick and tired of the situation in the
country and has made to address the FG via an
open letter. See what he wrote to FG:
“You have come a long way with your policies
and rule. You have concerned yourself with
nothing but the present hence making it look
like the constitution has to be remixed and
renamed “Your WILL” before your demise. You
have ignored the children you saw grow and
focused on the ones from your sperm cells and
ovulation that you aren’t seeing grow because
they have been shipped off to “better grounds”
for education. You have put your wives in
other rooms BUT that of importance forgetting
(if you married a good woman) they balance
you when you go astray.”
“You have failed to embrace the spirit and
letter of the Almighty you worship be it any
religion. You have failed the man you see in d
mirror because he isn’t a beast or metaphysical
being you don’t understand. No, He is the
poster boy/girl for greed. You have forgotten
how you felt when you were coming up but
remember this… you will not forget how you
fall. Your money… my bad… our money you
take will shame you when you need it the
most. The hustling is finding ways to be better
but you just want to take from them without
giving back.”
“You focus on chasing thieves but never focus
on securing the vault they steal from. In the
history of our existence as a generation, we
have never gotten leveled platforms to play as
we have gotten with the internet. The people
have become more exposed to business ideas,
global news, and information sharing from
continent to continent between seconds. The
industry has gotten global awareness because
of this. Music has started to look better just
because with data you can put up your craft be
it music or painting or write ups or poems or
comedy or pets or life to make people happy in
a steady sinking world of frustrating conflicting
governance and hustle.”
“You concern yourself with your perceived
negatives over the objective positives. You are
killing the future of Nigeria. You are killing the
future of Nigeria. The Internet is almost free in
a lot of “advanced” countries too. Be careful
Nigeria… don’t ruin yourself. DON’T!!!”
Vector accuses the FG of killing the future of Nigeria - open letter Vector accuses the FG of killing the future of Nigeria - open letter Reviewed by Award6baseMedia on December 11, 2016 Rating: 5

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