Relaxing: After a very busy day, most men just
want to hit
the sack, but not women. Some women might
prefer to have
a glass of wine, surf the net or watch some TV
to unwind
before bed, while some will prefer to have
some fun with
their men. The point is, women prefer to
gradually unwind
before actually going to bed, and s3x can help
with this.3.
Better sleep: Experts have told us that s3x
makes us sleep
better. For a woman who has to be up early to
deal with
sleep, chores, etc, it makes sense that she will
have to get
the best sleep she can. So, don’t be surprised
when she
rubs up on you for that natural ‘valium.’
4. Mood: Something about the night makes a
woman a bit
freer. It is not necessarily the darkness, it is
the ambience,
quiet, and the overall cover that the night
offers. This is
why intimate dates, quiet walks, heart-to-heart
talks, etc
always seem so much more romantic at nights.
It is this
feeling that makes her want to connect with
you at the end
the day instead of during the harsh light of
5. Preparedness: Compared to morning s3x,
women can
actually prepare for night s3x. It is not as
spontaneous as
just getting up in the morning and doing it.
She can take a
shower, spray a little perfume, and wear
lingerie in
preparation for some good loving. Women feel
more s3xual
confidence when they are prepared, as
opposed to the
morning when they might be worried about
morning breath
amongst other things.
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