Kcee “limpopo” shows off his 300 pairs of shoes

The day a celebrity stops showing off is he or
she stops being a celebrity. And the day a
celebrity stops living and extravagant lifestyle
is the day he or she has gone broke! There
was once a celebrity who was acclaimed to
never repeat his clothes. He buys them, wears
them once, and gets rid of them. Far be it for
him to ever wear the same cloth a second
time. That’s what I call “extravagance!”
There are also these sets of celebrities who
want the world to be aware of their
acquisitions all the time. They just want
everyone to know the kind of good life they
live. So they don’t let the things that should
inside remain inside. They always find a way to
bring them to public knowledge. And the media
is always there to help them propagate such
news. That’s what I call “showing off!”
But then, there are these sets of celebrities
who “want them all,” – the extravagance and
the show-off! While living in luxury, they also
seek to bring their affairs to public knowledge.
Now we all know the number of shoes Kcee
has because he showed them off. That’s way
beyond the number of shoes we find in most
boutiques. However, there’s this one celebrity
that has them all, and we all know now. His
name is KCEE.
Kcee “limpopo” shows off his 300 pairs of shoes Kcee “limpopo” shows off his 300 pairs of shoes Reviewed by Award6baseMedia on December 09, 2016 Rating: 5

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