Is he ever right for trying to force himself on you?

The relationship between a man and a woman
is dynamic and complex. There is no clear-cut
strategy of dealing with guys. It is more or less
an issue of discretion. However, certain issues
that I have come in contact with these days
beggars the question that is it ever justifiable
for a guy to try to force himself on a girl?
A story was told of a guy who had been asking
a girl out and she kept posting him in the
name of having a boyfriend. They went out one
day to hang out and afterward, she followed
him to his house where he began demanding
sex. She turned him down then he got a knife
and stabbed her over and over. Fortunately,
she survived but the incident remains etched in
her memory.
As harrowing as this story is, there are people
of the opinion that the girl brought it on
herself. Wetin carry her go? In as much as it
may seem callous, there is an element of truth
in this question.
A guy has been pestering you; that obviously
means he is attracted to you so being alone
with him in private when you know you don’t
have an intention of giving in to him is like
dangling meat in front of a lion. This is not to
say a lady shouldn’t hang out with male
friends but be discerning and sensitive to what
each expects from you. Don’t take guy’s self-
control for granted or go about giving mixed
In the case of this story, after they spent time
together in public, they could have simply said
their goodbyes. On the other hand, men are
not beasts so just because a girl denies you
sex does not mean you should become a
savage. A guy should never force himself on a
girl, no matter what.
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